Model United Nations Launches MUN Structured Practice

Model United Nations Launches MUN Structured Practice

Model United Nations Launches MUN Structured Practice

Model United Nations Offers Structured Practice for English Language Learners

TORONTO, ONTARIO –(BUSINESS WIRE) – Model United Nations (MUN), a global leadership brand for the English language learning space, has launched MUN Structured Practice to give English Language Learners (ELLs) in schools access to rigorous prep sessions and easy learning tools in preparation for their global mock debates and conversations.

MUN Structured Practice, which launched in early April, consists of mock debates (with an intermission) and simple interactive learning tools and games built on MUN’s global leadership theme. The program is a safe, fun and interactive place where ELLs can find mentors, receive basic skills, and create their personal MUN identity. The MUN curriculum also features “Netsystems”, a digital communication system that helps ELLs connect and talk to others with similar interests and general knowledge. When participants write their speeches, they combine the MUN script and illustrative rhetoric from a well-known text, from stories, to TED talks, and even popular video games like World of Warcraft.

Over 80% of MUN’s founders are first generation immigrants and over 85% of founders began their education in English as a Second Language (ESL). These founders seek a stronger sense of global citizenship, economic empowerment, leadership and understanding for those aspiring to have a global impact and aspire to live meaningful lives. Because of this, MUN offers these communities an empowering opportunity to get involved in the world and a means to achieve one’s aspirations and dreams, by becoming a global leader, community leader, ambassador and policy-maker.

Many of the leadership qualities required for organizations that create meaningful change in the world are also the qualities that are needed to be a successful entrepreneur, be successful in a leadership role, or become a leader who can aspire to impact a country or even the world. For ELLs that desire to improve the quality of their life, school and community, and be an active member of the next generation of global leaders, MUN Structured Practice is a seamless way to practice talking, writing and debating in an organized manner. Students gain greater understanding of the global context of world affairs, and the principles and practices of international communication and diplomacy.

Binggo Jiang, the co-founder of Model United Nations, said, “Given that so many immigrants from low-income countries are starting their careers outside of their home countries, it can be hard for them to support themselves in this country. When we started out, we felt that we wanted to bring people from different cultures together to share ideas and thoughts on issues that are important to them. Now, thanks to many years of practice and focus on leadership, our generation is stepping into the role of being global leaders. By offering Structured Practice, we are providing students in low-income communities an additional tool to succeed in school and start a strong career.”

Following global breakout success, in 2016, Model United Nations released the MUN website and app to global businesses and organizations. Through the website and app, organizations can easily build out global teams through content sharing and provide students with additional support and study tools.

“Our business models include connecting the business world and the youth, leveraging the knowledge and talent of immigrant youth who want to be leaders, and setting forth universal goals for leadership in partnership with entrepreneurs and thought leaders. MUN provides the best of both worlds, allowing us to help young people build their leadership presence,” said Chuck Heckmann, CEO of MUN.

About Model United Nations:

Model United Nations is a global leadership brand that empowers students to become global leaders by providing them with tools and skills to become effective leaders of the future. Built by immigrants, for immigrants, we strive to empower students by creating a safe and fun place to hone leadership skills, and by creating the leadership channels for becoming the future leaders of tomorrow.

MUN is one of Canada’s most inspiring, inclusive, and globally relevant social enterprise brands. With the 2018 World Government Summit in Dubai, MUN will use the platform to re-invest in the empowerment of multicultural youth. This summer, MUN plans to host over 1,500 school-aged school children from the Middle East at the World Government Summit in Dubai as well as to recruit international students from 30 countries to participate in the 2019 World Government Summit in Busan, South Korea.

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