Meet Your Children’s Pets During School Hours

Meet Your Children’s Pets During School Hours

Meet Your Children’s Pets During School Hours

Kids today often complain that there isn’t enough time in the day for school. We admit that sometimes a vacation would be welcomed, but as a matter of fact, the “school” set-up works quite well, even for the pros. There’s usually a lot to do within the structure of the school day and the teacher usually has enough to do without adding “helping furry friends” to the recipe.

We have spotted moms who bring their buddy to school and even after all that, the dog is known to crash the ballroom and make the cafeteria, class announcements and the news exciting. Before schools realized the value of having service dogs or therapy dogs in the classroom, they made sure they all had something to do. Many schools also sponsor their own animal therapy events for students, but not all can host those types of gatherings in-house. Here are a few places where students and their pets can meet each other:

• The Original Church of Christ Animal Hospital, 905 W. Buckley Road, Winter Park

• The Old Florida School Museum, 1839 N. Orange Ave., Orlando

• Lake Eola Dog Park, 3226 N. Ontario St., Orlando

• Peabody Museum & Pet Center, 17411 Old Winter Garden Rd., Winter Garden

• The Winter Park Church of Christ, 501 E. Church St., Winter Park

The easiest way to make sure your children meet their pets is to attend some of these places or ones they know quite well. We highly recommend an average of two to three times a week. The more interaction you have with your child’s pet, the more you can foster a happy relationship and trust between parent and pet.

Additional information to consider when meeting your children’s pets is:

• Do your children know who their pet’s name is?

• Do they know the breed/name of their pet?

• Will you let your child play with your pet while you are at work?

• Are you married and have the same pet?

• Where are you going on vacation?

• Do you offer this gift every year at your child’s birthdays?

( provides a list of information on safe and responsible pet ownership.)

As parents, we must learn how to walk the fine line between guardianship and friendship. It is very important to understand that pets do not want to be your personal assistants, and are simply animals, and as a result, must be treated with respect.

Many dogs do not tolerate being left outside on cold mornings or are extremely sensitive to their owners’ surroundings. Make sure to consult your vet for some more tips on dealing with pet allergies and scents!

Are you married and have the same pet?

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