ElectroKnife Brain Stimulation: Are You Thinking About New Skills?

ElectroKnife Brain Stimulation: Are You Thinking About New Skills?

ElectroKnife Brain Stimulation: Are You Thinking About New Skills?

Are you one of those people that enjoy keeping your brain busy by practicing new skills or planning out long range projects? Are you looking for new ways to improve your memory, concentration and flexibility? This is exactly what ElectroKnife Brain Stimulation can provide.

The ElectroKnife Brain Stimulation Device is designed to target brain function and nerve cell growth for brain health and performance. ElectroKnife can remove over-active chemicals that disrupt brain functions, reduce suicidal thoughts and improve memory retention. Because its low level of electrical current has no side effects and produces short electric pulses, ElectroKnife can help brain function and neuron formation.

Types of ElectroKnife Brain Stimulation

The ElectroKnife Brain Stimulation Device consists of three main parts: the ElectroKnife Device, the Doula ElectroGrip and the User Doula Doula SmartPlug. The device is actually designed to work as a self-contained system. After the user places one of the ElectroKnife Devices on the target area and applies the Doula ElectroGrip, the Neural Circuit Stimulation (NCS) is applied and charges the bio-electrical resonant channel. The ElectroKnife Doula Doula has been certified for use in study use by the FDA.

ElectroKnife Device

The ElectroKnife Device is designed for deep tissue stimulation (DTS). It is a two-stage electric current stimulation. The first stage is pulse isner interval pulse that burns away fatty tissue in brain regions. The second stage is short, focused beam and burns away dense tissue but does not impact fluid flow. The Doula ElectroGrip provides the interface between the ElectroKnife Device and the ElectroScope. This allows the ElectroScope to track the entire target area and track the pulses intensity by subjectively using the skin as a measure. If the target area is overstimulated, a stopwatch can be used to record the continuous interval pulse duration and duration for each heartbeat. The ElectroScope can also measure the pulse length of each pulse. This provides a snapshot and records the interval pulse duration every second.

Doula ElectroGrip

The ElectroGrip is a high pressure electric “udder” that is used to relax and soften muscles of the arms and hands. The hand muscles require attention because maintaining flexibility and avoid muscle strain is a critical factor in preventing joint pain and limiting arthritis.

User Doula SmartPlug

The user Doula SmartPlug is an integrated diagnostic system to support NCS procedures. It has a wireless capability and senses electrical impulses from the ElectroScope and detects the breathing patterns. The Doula SmartPlug will be used to monitor the NCS. During the execution process, it will measure the current, the NCS frequency, the pulse strength and the pulse duration. The output can be recorded and transmitted to a nearby doctor.

Beware of ElectroKnife Malfunctions

ElectroKnife Malfunctions are usually obvious, spontaneous, unpredictable and non-specific. An ElectroKnife Malfunction will occur when different stimulation points are set to different rates. If a pulse rate is adjusted to the wrong rate, the electrode-forming device will go awry and produce incomplete or incorrect pulses. An ElectroKnife Malfunction may result in improper conductance, inability to perform a circuit, slow response time, temporary loss of motor control and non-maintainance of skeletal control. Any of these conditions will lead to significant disability, particularly in young children. If the ElectroScope is too loose or stiff, a simple twist of the head will result in false results.

A Deterministic Guide for Using ElectroKnife

Taking your treatment plan with ElectroKnife as an Intelligent guide will provide you with powerful instructions on how to work efficiently. You may calculate the Brain Stimulation Devices as well as energy and pulse intensity needed in real time, input the required parameters to the device, specify the one or two Doulas you would like to use and import the accompanying documents. Take the ElectroTip Brain Stimulation Actigraphy Solution as your sole physician-approved method of patient education. The Mind and Body Directory will guide you in making the most informed decision to ensure optimal outcomes for your treatment plan.

Ki Sung, M.D. is the Medical Director at The Secret Clinic™, a team of professionals offering cutting edge brain health treatment and consultations. Visit us at secretcliniconline.com for more information.

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