Three Ways To Make Your iPhone Less Of A Central Part Of Your Life

Three Ways To Make Your iPhone Less Of A Central Part Of Your Life

Three Ways To Make Your iPhone Less Of A Central Part Of Your Life

You might be familiar with the idea of a “smartphone detox,” a tried and true technique whereby teenagers eliminate phones from their lives until the age of 25 or 30. The goal is to build a solid foundation for a more adult, more spiritual and more balanced mindset.

But while we can’t promise that phones will completely disappear from our lives, there are a few other simple ways to make the iPhone less of a central factor in your life.

Go Vail

One of the first things many teenagers do is load up their phone. While most of us have become accustomed to having our phone by our side at all times, teens are obsessed with checking it frequently, especially during teen gatherings. In some instances, they’ll scroll through dozens of selfies, or make several selections from the Instagram Explore section of pictures and videos for use in their posts.

There are numerous strategies that can help them find a more balanced way of disposing of their phones. It all depends on your teens’ personality, and what appeals to them. But here are three possible strategies they might benefit from.

Get a roommate

A common practice among teens is to leave their phone behind while they have sleepovers. This means that your teen won’t wake up for a notification about a group Instagram birthday invite at their friend’s house. Instead, they’ll have uninterrupted sleep, creating an excellent opportunity to save their phones for a trip to Vail.

If your teen seems to be actually addicted to their phones, you can try removing the feature that lets your teen accept or reject friends on Instagram. You can also use a second set of your account and disable the ability to post immediately on Instagram (as there is a fear that teens will use their phones while they’re asleep, even when they don’t have reception).

Go greener

Many teens have joined environmental groups. However, when they go on these outings, their phones are usually kept with them. While your teens may be concerned about this pollution, you can give them the best chance to make a difference in the world by taking their phones along.

When they go on walks with you, they can take a smartphone with them rather than trying to physically dig their phone out of their bag or out of the purse. They’ll be able to use it to find a map on the street, but their phones will also be replaced regularly so there will be no major shortage of them. This won’t remove the temptation to leave their phone behind for school or a night out, but it will make using it easier.


The biggest problem with teens is that they are addicted to social media. Even though they think they’re going to enjoy a specific experience, they still have the compulsion to leave their phones in their pockets or bags. According to the Teen Safety Council, as much as half of social media interaction is to avoid contact with people through phone. For this reason, your teens might benefit from using a tool called Phone Detox To-Go.

If you want to do more about this, create a night when your teens will limit their phone usage during a couple of hours. Take a walk or talk with the person you’re having dinner with, or go to sleep early. It’s a great opportunity to walk away from the company of their friends who wouldn’t know what to say to them without their phones (and vice versa).

While it might be difficult to let go of your phone, you shouldn’t underestimate its power. After all, it’s a powerful way to communicate to thousands of people at the same time. If it becomes a habit for your teens, they will likely want to continue it for their entire lives.

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