TEXT-TO-FAMILY – Do You Make Good Decisions with a Parent?

TEXT-TO-FAMILY – Do You Make Good Decisions with a Parent?

TEXT-TO-FAMILY – Do You Make Good Decisions with a Parent?

Pre schoolers may be beginning their mornings through to their homework…they all turn to their parent for help. Parents and the preschooler need to help preschoolers receive information during their morning, particularly with exploring math, letters, colors, reading, and more. When a preschooler is in preschool, a parent can only interact with them a few times a day. The text-to-parent application in MindShift Workshops provides a way to help preschoolers make healthy and informed choices on their own.

“I love MindShift’s application in text to parent,” said Yvette Berry, mother of two children, “It tells me all of the points I need to make, so it makes it easy to do it. My children turn to me all of the time, and I want to make sure they know and understand everything that’s going on. The MindShift program helps me be a parent and do a good job.”

“Handing down children information is the foundation of child development,” said Vaja Ferguson, MindShift Workshops Educational Director. “For parents to allow their preschoolers to be fully successful in learning, we have to reach out and provide them with these critical life skills.”

The MindShift Program

MindShift’s free text-to-parent application, MindShift Workshops, uses your cell phone to help preschoolers and parents create a safe environment that helps them learn and become more aware of their surroundings and the common dangers. MindShift also assists parents in the implementation of their child’s preferred curriculum, assist them in arranging parent-child interaction, and identify the common ideas that link both preschoolers and parents. In addition, the MindShift program includes updates on recent class milestones and daily activities, support of 3D play blocks, paper tracing, and many more items that will help parents empower their children.

If you would like to join the group for MindShift Workshops or learn more about this mobile application, please contact Vaja Ferguson at (414) 862-1956 or via email at [email protected]

For more information about MindShift Workshops and the mobile app, please visit www.mindshiftworkshops.com.

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