Interview with HPE Cloud: Understanding the Cloud

Interview with HPE Cloud: Understanding the Cloud

Interview with HPE Cloud: Understanding the Cloud

Interviewees (Alice Mayhew, chief talent officer at Alibaba, David Wallis, GM of IBM Cloud in Greater China, and me) were selected based on their previous articulation of meaningful outcomes for their businesses from the analysis of data. The HPE Cloud attendees participated in a 5-minute, hands-on demo on how companies can leverage the cloud to bring that clarity to their companies.

The HPE Cloud differentiates itself from other enterprise technology providers by giving organizations the flexibility to adapt quickly to new conditions or trends that impact their businesses. At the end of the demo, I learned the following:

Instead of a one-size-fits-all strategy that tells organizations what their success will be, the HPE Cloud gives them the freedom to choose how to use the platform that best meets their needs.

The user experience and architecture are both a key part of the cloud framework. HPE’s Cloud architecture will enable users to take advantage of its scalability and data fabric, while being able to achieve the best results from its flexibility. The various applications within the HPE Cloud are all managed from a single cloud management dashboard. Applications are assigned to the appropriate cloud environment to make it easy for new users to get started, while the ability to transition and simplify is key to the overall business process. The company also offers proof points that this concept works.

Everything will be optimized for the cloud, including the level of automation to run business processes. Automation removes human error and increases accountability. It also simplifies transactions, enabling companies to take advantage of its storage and computing power more efficiently. Business process can be used to remove employees’ time off. It’s a win-win. The data can be made actionable for customers, and the faster efficiency of an organization results in an even higher return on investment.

The only limitation to the overall HPE Cloud is the infrastructure. Once you become a part of the ecosystem, your infrastructure will be just that—in the cloud. It’s your platform, not another company’s platform.

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