How to Find Balance in Your Life

How to Find Balance in Your Life

How to Find Balance in Your Life

If you are looking for balance, then a healthy, “too much confidence” will be obvious to you. Let’s take a little lesson from Peter N. Parker in this Spiderman story.

“I’m in it to win it. I need to win it. I don’t care if it’s fair, I just have to win it. And if it doesn’t work out, I don’t care. I’ll find a way to get it back next time. No one can stop me.”

Peter N. Parker has suffered the loss of a school girlfriend and the breaking up of his first serious relationship. It turns out to be enough of a fear that one of his brain cells was cut off and will never become a second one to make the everyday wish to win the next battle or sweep the problem under the rug that becomes his mantra.

So how can you find balance when your self-confidence has so many synapses that get energized by victory?

Start by trying your best to enjoy life in what you have now. This is the time to take some time and step back from what you perceive to be “the now”. Keep an open mind and remember that this is a moment and will not last. Spend time in memories of the past, and bring your head back to remember the lessons learned along the way. Perhaps it was to be a student athlete in sports, a daycare worker, a teacher, a realtor or a beau to another, or as a fairy godmother transforming a wish into a deed. Life is not a sprint, but a marathon and while you may be in the front of it, you will still be looking over your shoulder in times of difficulty, uncertainty and the fact that your dreams may have to be deferred.

Meditate and visualize what is possible as your way of achieving balance. This then will liberate your way to become a master in the balancing act of living life fully.

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