On Helping Teens to learn to be Kind

On Helping Teens to learn to be Kind

On Helping Teens to learn to be Kind

It’s becoming clear that instilling kindness and empathy in the next generation is highly important. Even if it’s out of necessity for the greater good, kindness seems to keep teens from feeling any negative emotion and from attempting to harm themselves or others.

One helpful tip to keep teens from hurting themselves or others is to keep them busy and learning, to the point where many can share in the learning on their own terms. For instance, teens are usually active on social media, and are highly engaged when they can explore their imaginations to solve problems or just have fun doing something else. Helping teens tackle problems in these ways can have a great emotional effect on them and help them develop empathy, since they will help others during a crisis as well.

The value of teaching kids to be kind to those around them is certainly prevalent, and probably should be at the forefront of parenting for many families. This lesson can also include helping teens work with problem sets and find ways to solve their own problems, using proper information, such as patient education, which will help teens seek help when needed. Many schools are beginning to incorporate the lessons at a high level, using instruction methods designed specifically for students of this age range.

Kindness also sends a message to others, and is an ideal way to strengthen relationships. Being kind helps teens express compassion for those around them, whether in their families or others around the world. Being kind also helps kids realize they aren’t alone and that they can always count on others when they need help. Finally, it may help build up their self-esteem, since kindness is something they can keep up with as they get older.

A final topic to help teens learn: sharing. This usually involves helping teens spend time with other teens, helping them understand their peers are likely to be facing the same challenges they are, helping them create relationships, and allowing them to openly speak their opinions.

Even without social media being a daily part of their lives, kindness is just a few simple actions, and should certainly be part of a teens’ lives.

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