Rainy Day Play Ideas For Small Spaces

Rainy Day Play Ideas For Small Spaces

Rainy Day Play Ideas For Small Spaces

Get Your Kid The Best Lunch Box For Creative Activities

Whether it’s a creative project or an After School Activities binge like Legos or Pictionary, a rainy day can be made easier and more fun when kids will want to do a few extra projects rather than just rest and do schoolwork. But not all kinds of projects are possible in rain or snow. Here’s how to add a bit of a surprise to your winter moments and day.

1. Make Crafts A Weather Warming:

Make flashlights and others projects to keep kids amused in the cold. It’s great when all you have to do is knock on a few neighbors doors for supplies – especially now, when their working and extra hands are needed. Consider locations on your block, neighbors with homes decorated with holiday spirit, or places with big yards for cutting the backyard into small squares to make butterfly feeders.

You can purchase materials such as twinkle lights, lawn ornaments, or strings of blue ribbon for your craft projects online.

Or, if you are using wood, use a piece of wood with any fraying in it in your crafts. Use other parts of the piece to help the knitter, so they are not putting too much pressure on it.

2. Make Homespun Gifts:

You might find yourself outdoors during Genius Hour projects. So prepare your yard for your project projects. Try out some old holiday decorations and create delicious homemade treats. You can even add edible gifts for kids and their animals that live nearby. Make poms or help make cookies, and snap their picture so they know you remembered them. Most of all, make sure your kids have something to offer and something to take, so there is always something to snack on.

3. Use A Riddle Themed Craft:

Rather than getting another school assignment, try creating riddles for Genius Hour projects. Create riddles, and give them answers like a conversation starter. If your group chooses a theme, these will have little to no set course, so take your time and can go through several.

4. Play Ballin’:

When it’s raining outside, a rainy day has the added bonus of making a terrible afternoon more fun. This doesn’t have to be just a sport, a new version of Catch, or just playing outside. If you are out at play when the rain rolls in, kids will want to participate.

If you have a large pool to keep them cool during the rainy day, these type of activities are a great activity to be included in. Maybe you could even have them pick two of the five buttons for the paint ripples in the pool to check out. It’s just a fun and interactive way to keep kids active and have fun at the same time.

5. Have A Lunch that’s Green:

This is my favorite Genius Hour craft. Take something you have and build a kit for it that kids can have all the way through their fifth year. There are many different ways to go about it, such as start from scratch or create one of your own. On the cute side, kids can create a DIY stop-motion animated clip of time.

It will be a great way to actually make the stop-motion project in the first place.

6. Make Sled Runs:

You might be left feeling tired and anxious after Genius Hour, but rest easy and make sure to make some family time last for a rainy day after a few projects. A long walk in the snowy streets can make a dry day or a rainy day into a fun family activity. If you have a trail or walkway in your neighborhood, go ahead and create some new winter routes. Even if you don’t have an area full of snow, you can make some new trail loops using your backyard for walking, so you can enjoy those weekly family hikes!

You can create some mini construction cranes or carry them along the trail. But if you are in a preschool or elementary age class, having an afternoon outdoors will have those kids putting more effort into other activities and having fun. They might choose crafts on their rainy day, too. Plan a kind of scavenger hunt or build a lunchbox and take their skills and curious minds outdoors to learn, so they don’t wait for the school day to begin.

Photo credit: Flickr/Keith Hef/Creative Commons

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