Tips For Dealing With The Questions Of Privacy And Privacy On A Digital Pause

Tips For Dealing With The Questions Of Privacy And Privacy On A Digital Pause

Tips For Dealing With The Questions Of Privacy And Privacy On A Digital Pause

There is a second wave of fears and uncertainty emerging as the internet becomes increasingly personal. Is it OK to hand over your children to an internet audience? Does society allow children to be exposed to relentless full-screen screen time? Does immersion in screen time permanently alter children’s brains?

These are issues impacting all families, and every parent is wondering what they can do in order to make the internet a positive environment for their kids. As a family technology coach and social media expert, I have developed a line of products to help families engage in safe and effective technology. Below are a few tips to help you make digital media a positive choice for your family.

Limit time in digital media. Digital media consumption should be limited to the fun parts that your kids have as they experience new content online. Then they should move on to other things — physical, social, and informational. The idea is to have a balance. That means taking a break once in a while. But as important, are pop-ups of safety reminders. Take the time to teach your kids how to interact safely on the internet — rather than navigate the dangerous waters of over-sharing.

Create an “online zone.” Designate the internet as a “safe zone” as a rule, to keep kids away from harmful information and activities. While their friends are online, your kids must consider posting. When they post, make sure that they make a thoughtful post that is safe for someone who may not understand their language or how to pronounce their words (if you don’t speak their language). Make sure that they set their privacy settings and account so that only their friends and people they know have access to their posts.

“Virtual” give-and-take. Make sure that your children are engaging with real people on their own time, outside of a monitored digital environment. Talk to them about long-term goals. Get their ideas and tell them how you feel about their ideas. This way, there are possibilities for future cooperation. Design your family to be on the cutting edge. Talk about a topic for a small talk or an activity. Spend time together online, even if it is just one person on a computer! Plan your family activities around keeping family time on the internet in order. “FaceTime” is a great idea, since family time is definitely valuable! Allow spontaneity. Open up to sharing whatever topics you want to. Let them know that you’ll be around, and their time will be valued. When it comes to digital, surprise your kids and give them a platform for sharing their ideas.

Have fun together! When we are going online, we all want to have fun. Give your kids the tools to connect with family and friends. You’ll enjoy them so much more!

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