MindShift and Techwonk Show Is Best of a Great Education

MindShift and Techwonk Show Is Best of a Great Education

MindShift and Techwonk Show Is Best of a Great Education

Through a monthly video program about life, education, communication, and more, MindShift and Techwonk aim to spark understanding and appreciation for the best aspects of digital media. The videos are available on YouTube and include Brain Muscle’s explainer on infographics, a look at Curious Me, a show that teaches little kids about social media with a squirrel as their celebrity, and more.

Learn about digital media with this colorful and informative content that comes at the perfect time. Best of all, learning about technology is only part of what you’ll learn—you’ll also get to hear from experts and see some great examples of great design in action. Read about Future Magazine as a great source for student ideas about making content with varying mediums. To learn more about MindShift’s mission and find out more information about our videos, please visit their website.

Techwonk and MindShift are putting out the type of content that we want to consume and hear about. Their interactive shows aren’t limited to the studio, they’re able to connect with anyone—and that includes us!

Brain Muscle is an English as a Second Language program at the University of Waterloo focused on equipping young learners with the critical thinking skills they’ll need to succeed in the future. Don’t believe us? Check out their website for more!

Techwonk and MindShift aim to bring audiences through a digital education journey to learn the most useful skills and rules that they can adopt into their daily lives. Whether you’re a brand marketer, director of marketing, or even a student, their video series are a great place to start and will get you thinking about digital media beyond the basics of text. Check out more at www.mindshift.bc.ca/technology or www.techwonk.bc.ca/media-li…

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