All Power To Us. We Are The Change We Want To See!

All Power To Us. We Are The Change We Want To See!

All Power To Us. We Are The Change We Want To See!

What If, We Were Sure, That We Can Change Everything?

“I truly believe that it is possible to change the world.” – Tamra Atwood

“Progress comes not from having more shoes or trucks, guns, or oil.” – Toni Morrison

“Being able to change the world, is what we all seek.” – Albright-Knox

“Not each day can we help others, but what we can do is contribute to helping others.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

“To paraphrase, you don’t want to feel that you won’t help, you want to know that you will.” – Ed Hogan

As we continue our journey toward “Love, Peace and Prosperity”, one key difference that will lead us in the direction of change is that

We have our own unique power

We can choose how we respond to the odds that surround us

We have our own voices to speak

We have our own courage to fight for change

When we fight for things that we believe in, no one can take them away from us

We can honor the legacy of our past by letting it speak about who we are today

“All the armies of Earth are arrayed against you, but know this, America: our greatest weapon is you. You are our hope. We depend on you. God bless you.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

If each of us were to know that we truly believe that we can make a difference in the world, then we would also be fully aware that not only did we choose to give up the things that we thought were important, we also chose to fight for things that were important to us, even if it meant living with discomfort, or even anger. When we listened to our inner whispers, we ultimately saw those voices as those that best described who we truly were. It turns out that we have both the power and the ability to do something about the things that we find important. And when we want to make a difference in the world, or to make change, it is not just about changing the world, but about making change at all times. At MindShift Leadership Institute we share these inspiring mantras with our participants to help them draw on their inner power to live differently:Each day you wake up knowing that you have the power to do something about the things that matter to you. Every day that you wake up, try to do something to make the world a better place. Every day that you smile, give someone a hug, brush your teeth, get your favorite “to-do” item done, speak up for equality for all, or do a good deed, you must remember to give to others, to give back, and to try to do something to make the world a better place. Each time you make that choice, you must never forget that you are not alone. Each day you choose to live life on the simple and powerful principle of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. It can be easy to keep asking yourself, “What am I doing today to change the world?”, when you just want to break your to-do list. We practice what we preach at MindShift, and “Willingness to Change The World” may actually be one of the most important goals we set for ourselves every day. “We can’t give enough, and we can’t achieve much until we really begin to know what we’re giving”, says Dr. Margaret Ikenberry, author of “The Road Less Travelled”. It is the choice we all have to make every single day: to, “Be the change you want to see”. Albright-Knox

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