Nikolaevsk School Receives Honor from White House

Nikolaevsk School Receives Honor from White House

Nikolaevsk School Receives Honor from White House

A private Santa Monica school is now winning nationwide attention for its commitment to a campus culture emphasizing character traits such as empathy, integrity, hard work, collaboration, inspiration, and perseverance—often in the face of real challenges.

A passion for character education, which resulted in the creation of School Week, earned Nikolaevsk School an award from the White House Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition. It also earned the school an opportunity to speak at a White House event and attend a special staff luncheon at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building—a day devoted to showing how organizations are beginning to realize the benefits of character education programs.

The recognition also led to additional support, such as funding from the Department of Health and Human Services, the National Science Foundation, and the National Institutes of Health.

Here’s how the end-of-the-week program worked at Nikolaevsk:

NICOLEVSK STARTED SCHOOL WEEK IN 2014 BY FIRST IMPRESSING CHARTER SCHOOL COMPANY EDZEA on the possibility of a one-week-long school program focused on the needs of students at the only private, coeducational school for boys. The program, which evolved as a month-long event, expanded to the summer and remains the School Week at Nikolaevsk.

From March to May, students pursue a pedagogical curriculum designed to promote a sense of spirituality, social growth, emotional awareness, and emotional intelligence, which are needed for success in life. Students participate in summertime classes in goal setting, social and emotional skills, team leadership, strategy, debate, human resource development, artistic ability, culinary arts, woodworking, and archaeology.

A variety of instructional strategies offer opportunities for students to grow, such as:

Inside experiences with animal experts

Outside experiential learning experiences including hunting

A performance group

Literature and art

A visit to Pet Healthy and Portola Valley Country Club

A trip to Seal Beach

A classroom experience for students and parents to meet Pet Perfect Board of Directors and this year’s Teacher of the Year

Many students learn about the Great Lakes and cities such as Chicago and Detroit

Weekly reflections by the School Week Team and students

The end-of-the-week program, which lasts from March to May, gives school counselors time to prepare school-wide testing and more planning time for students and their families. Students and families learn how the program impacts how students learn.

NICOLEVSK FOUNDED IN 1949 BY THE KIIN FAMILY TO SERVE THE COMMUNITY AND PRESERVE NATURAL RENEWABLE OPPORTUNITIES. It started off as a Bible Camp for boys and has grown through the years to offer an educational program focusing on the preservation of natural resources and a natural healing environment, as well as a rigorous high school experience.

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