Reflection on Digital Media Trends

Reflection on Digital Media Trends

Reflection on Digital Media Trends

There’s something that’s gotten lost in the decision to change to digital music files and streaming services. It used to be that you could have a CD, a hard copy or an MP3. By default, any hard copy has a reputation attached to it which could vary based on the content – audio, video, various genres and formats to name a few. In the digital age, when there are so many forms of digital media, you will find even harder to identify the contents of the digital files. Some media files are downloadable while some are streamed. For instance, a file might contain audio, video, music, chat files or an entire sequence of text files.

Linguistics experts have drawn quite a few conclusions from the categorization of media. What can you find in a file based on its application, and what kind of content does it contain? When looking for different content, you will find lots of options to download files and to stream them, the choices may also not be as distinct as you once thought.

Meanwhile, some media files have evolved into much bigger applications. Each of these media forms can be downloaded, and each of these media forms can be streamed. You can take a look at some alternatives to what currently exists in the marketplace, and then you can make an educated decision regarding what file type is the best fit for you.

An Overview of The Podcast

If you have been around the Internet for quite a while now, you know that there is a rise in the use of podcasts, thanks to the increasing popularity of online media and technology, plus the growing demand for related services.

This evolution has made podcasts an incredible trend that is growing each day, especially when you look at how big it is and how many options there are. Here at MindShift, we have recently released our first look at the podcast.

The MindShift Podcast

As we look at podcasts, we aim to discover the smart, new and fascinating work being done by good individuals from all over the world. Those individuals speak about their work, tend to talk about their interests and read their email messages. You can often follow a person and learn a lot about their experience in the career, and of course what their ideas and inspirations are.

MindShift’s podcast series has started and so far it has covered different subjects such as Pop Music, The Future of Food, The Paranormal, Technology and the Future, and about 50% of the episodes are related to what we discussed at the beginning of this post. You can listen and read them on our website, and we hope you enjoy this preview that you’ve just been sent. Please keep in mind that the predictions of MindShift, but only the past week’s topics have been covered.

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