Libraries as Creators - Arcana at Villard

Libraries as Creators – Arcana at Villard

Libraries as Creators - Arcana at Villard

With make-do tools available to everyone, making stuff is no longer a matter of having to own the exact tools, materials, or software you need. Instead, it’s about knowing how to borrow or create unique materials and tools in ways that match your interests and goals. Using technology can empower makers to be the creators they want to be, in the exact way they want to be. Libraries are becoming critical in transforming creative work into creative projects. The ability to learn something, to create something, and to take home something that can be used as a launching pad for a creative process are just some of the rewards for makers who turn to libraries for inspiration.

Learning is Connection

There is something going on inside each one of us when we create something. There is a synergy between creator and piece. Knowing how to learn and access resources within a public library really opens the door to full possibilities and collective expression, creating a peer-to-peer community of support that is something that is nothing short of magical.

Take a Piece and Make a Companion Piece

Choosing a project and creating it is a rewarding experience. Creating a companion piece to something you are creating provides an even more inspiring impact. For example, if you’re making a quilt for someone in need of support or a necklace for someone who needs something that can help bring them peace, turning that piece into a necklace or a bracelet that could be worn by that person could offer an even bigger impact.

Let People You Know About Your Work

Social networks can be incredibly powerful tools. As valuable as a digital social network can be, at their core, they are largely about people getting together to share information or learn from others. Chances are that not everyone has access to a public library, so using social media can give users a place to share information, not only about your work, but also about what is happening at the library. For example, the Library of Congress as a place for the public to post photos of their programs. These are then made available for the public.

Accelerate your Creativity

Libraries have skills and supplies to share and to pass on. There are things that are coming up in the pop culture space that can add new spark to your work. Which leads to the final point about libraries as creators. Libraries not only carry materials and programs that they provide, but they also invest in programs and services that contribute to the education of their communities. They can help you to become an even better digital and creative executor of your goals and dreams.

Libraries are at the heart of a growing movement in innovative thinking and creativity, which we will explore in detail more in future posts. We are blessed in the beautiful world of books with a wealth of ways that, through technology, can be used and nourished to fuel creativity.

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