The Myth of the Shy Child

The Myth of the Shy Child

The Myth of the Shy Child

Our brains are continuously fed with a myriad of “hidden” stimuli, and depending on your position in life, your brain may be starved for certain types of information. When you find yourself in a certain position, you may find it beneficial to temporarily remove that squirrel or monkey from your head, to become a stable human being (although, such tasks can be extremely dangerous).

I didn’t grow up with babies, but during this period of my life, it really wasn’t uncommon to hear stories about babies crying all night, or even adults crying uncontrollably. Some people seem to cry when their genitals get hurt; others who get pulled on, or their hair pulled, or their hands hurt, or receive “popsicles”.

A baby’s “default mode” orientation is to cry (hmm? that sounds sort of like a ghost speaking to you.) Their first impulse is to cry because they don’t feel safe. Babies have difficulty saying “I feel physically uncomfortable” because they don’t quite have that language, and wouldn’t be able to use it until later in life.

Child Development

After a developmental phase which might start at very young age, children’s bodies become programmed with many responses and behaviors. For instance, if you hold your hand up to a child’s face, and the hand is touching their hair, the child will almost always recoil or raise an angry face or two.

As the child matures and becomes aware of themselves and the world around them, they will need to learn other forms of communication, and some of the needs to be expressed by skin to skin connection will decrease, but they will not be eliminated from the human mind. (I would never go so far as to say that we are all born with intelligence, but it is true that each of us is born with a certain set of skills that helps us cope with the world, and thus, are eventually able to communicate with others.”)

The brain works like a feedback circuit in which some circuits will naturally send messages which hopefully will resolve problems in the future. Some aspects of the brain, however, are wired to automatically send messages, thereby sending us the wrong directions.

To some degree, we are all born with a certain degree of “hidden” abilities. During the early months, growth is very slow and there is a lot of cognitive activity, which is why my brain is still able to write sentences and formulate certain ideas. Within reason, however, it is easy to operate an automobile, fly an airplane, or even turn water into wine.

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