School Bus Depot Just Moves To Underground Spaces

School Bus Depot Just Moves To Underground Spaces

School Bus Depot Just Moves To Underground Spaces

SCHOOL BUSINESS PARK, Ohio, Aug. 08, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The School Bus Depot is no longer a familiar name in the school community.

The vocational facility on Interstate 77 in SW Ohio is known as Stoller Technical Services and in May 2017, streamlined its customer base from transporting students to and from schools to serving private corporations and other out-of-school activities as a commercial equipment maintenance service provider.

Beginning in December 2016, the School Bus Depot reinvented itself, launching a six-month “transformation” from above-ground to underground construction site. The move forced the facility to transition from all-electrical operations to utilities using industrial furnaces, pumps, hoses and transformers that were relocated throughout the facility.

“We now operate like a utility plant underground, as opposed to an above-ground facility near the highways,” said CEO and President Nick Stoller. “The impact of the move is significant because we have gone from concentrating on just school buses to many other related fields.”

Stoller attributes the dramatic reversal of fortunes to years of listening to his students.

“We’ve listened to the board, the public and to the schools to provide them with facilities and vehicles that make learning easier,” Stoller said. “After all, we are here to supply students with opportunities.”

Also contributing to the success is bringing a whole new level of focus to what the company does and communicating with everyone — including the “out-of-school” community.

“When we came up with this new vision, we asked ourselves what could we do to make it clear to the student that there are benefits to sending their own vehicle to me,” Stoller said. “In addition to the many opportunities offered for our motor clubs, I invite them to be part of the School Bus Depot family through the part-time jobs I offer and the apprenticeship training we offer.”

Underground facilities aren’t a new thing for the School Bus Depot. In April 2014, the company opened the 9,000-square-foot Xcel Energy Business Center on the northwest side of the facility to provide up to 5,000 square feet for up to 11 business customers. They moved into the most recent subterranean facility in June of 2017.

“Businesses can call to coordinate parts and repairs as they prepare to move equipment back to Ohio and much of that equipment may not be available for them for the entire process,” Stoller said. “We aren’t a bus company anymore, but we are a 24/7 facility.”

However, this new underground operation isn’t just the Business Center. Stoller also established a substation to expand the energy services offered at the operation. The substation was connected to the ISO-Ohio regional grid on July 1.

Recently, Stoller also upgraded the equipment on the School Bus Depot’s school bus line by adding several new “green” motor vehicles in the southbound school line, including a SportX, GSX, a CKX and a GSX ET-Plus.

A functional truck should start the vehicles at 15 to 18 miles per hour, while an environmentally friendly model should hit the road at 20 miles per hour, Stoller said.

The School Bus Depot will be connecting to the Toledo system starting with the February/March 2018 school year, in preparation for the forthcoming start of the new school year.

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