Beyond The Knuckle: Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Beyond The Knuckle: Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Beyond The Knuckle: Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Kareem Abdul Jabbar recently became a TV doctor with a two-hour show, “Beyond The Knuckle.” Unlike the old westerns of yesteryear, this show wasn’t about a bounty hunter hunting for revenge or even the people who made the bounty. Instead, it focused on a team of high school athletes finding out why they cracked while on a motorcycle to California’s highways and exploring where exactly life comes from.

These teenagers are experiencing what most youth do. Before we hit our teens and start making decisions about what to pursue in life, we must understand the topic. Kareem is teaming up with the Science Channel for a special two-hour episode of Beyond The Knuckle. Where “Judge Judy” came into your house and helped you determine the next step in your legal case, the Science Channel team brings science to you through games, demonstrations, and interviews with their hosts, Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Meredith Vieira. “Beyond The Knuckle” aims to clarify the mysteries of life to bring in younger viewers.

“We know why we are here and why we all are,” Abdul Jabbar points out in an interview on Science Channel’s website. “But not a lot of people do.” Through covering many of the topics in science, Beyond The Knuckle is a pretty hip and fresh show, completely different from the old westerns that inspired it.

“The five foundational elements of humanity are: life, intelligence, love, health, and intuition. Humans have difficulty understanding these concepts without scientific methods,” Abdul Jabbar said. “I love science because of how open and transparent it is. I love how people of different backgrounds can understand things and come to solutions together.”

Athletes are perfect for science, because they live their lives based on the premise that they’re better than everyone else. All their skills, skill, and training go into their performance and lead to how good they are in the games they play. “The ability to run faster, jump higher, and jump farther allows one to succeed in whatever a sport is and every accomplishment one has,” Kareem says.

Between him and on-air guest, ace sports doctor Bruce Greene, Beyond The Knuckle is another fun show for sports fans. They cover some important topics, like how exercise makes you smarter, creating change that is visible from the ground up, and why strength and speed are truly needed for athletic achievements. He found the answer to this question, and mentions that some athletes like Kobe Bryant have helped him better understand where the answer for this question is.

With amazing dance routines, you’ll leave Beyond The Knuckle wanting to see more from the Basketball Hall of Famer. So if you are a sports fan, you might want to tune in and see how science intersects with the world of the sciences and the sports world. While the rest of us aren’t supposed to learn about the most important topics until we’re in college, Kareem reminds you to start getting started now. Check out the trailer to see him have fun with Dr. Bruce Greene and the rest of the host crew.

Enjoy Beyond The Knuckle!

By Professor Khaled Diab

Ki Sung Kim-Savasti

Creative Specialist, Scientific Paperbooks

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