New MindShift Guides Create Brain-Friendly Outdoors for Kids

New MindShift Guides Create Brain-Friendly Outdoors for Kids

New MindShift Guides Create Brain-Friendly Outdoors for Kids

MindShift staff

Red Mountain, AZ – MindShift, the international publisher of complementary and alternative medicine, natural health, and information resources, recently announced the release of three new titles for children in science, science fiction, and fantasy.

Starting with a new Children’s Science and Creativity Series, MindShift also released 12 new Science Zone books, headlined by Jurassic World The Experience, a choice choice attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood theme park.

Although all three series are designed specifically for children, to acknowledge that MindShift’s content is relevant to the developing cognitive and logical systems of young minds, each series comes with accompanying key-points and age recommendations, giving parents a little extra insight into how and why your child might be interested in a particular book.

The age recommendations in addition to the books themselves are as follows:

Children’s Science and Creativity Series

4 – 6 Years: Creating Fun, Educational Projects

6 – 8 Years: Building Useful Research Technology

8 – 12 Years: Creating Scientific Experiments

Kids’ Science Zone series

6 – 8 Years: Building Technology

8 – 12 Years: Creating Machines

Science Zone

6 – 8 Years: Building Skills

8 – 12 Years: Building Technology

All three of these series are available from MindShift’s website and on Kindle. With upcoming releases on the MindShift Kids website coming in August, all 3 series will be available by the end of the summer.

About MindShift

MindShift publishes a range of books, video series, digital content, and other technologies that combine science, spiritualism, spirituality, and the natural world to help people lead a better, more purposeful life. It publishes eight current titles for toddlers, middle-grade, and adults with over 70 titles for children, teens, and adults in over 20 languages published in more than 20 countries.

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