A Cultural Marketing Experience: Test Your Marketing and Branding IQ at the Special Summer Camps at The STEM Camps Company

A Cultural Marketing Experience: Test Your Marketing and Branding IQ at the Special Summer Camps at The STEM Camps Company

A Cultural Marketing Experience: Test Your Marketing and Branding IQ at the Special Summer Camps at The STEM Camps Company

During the last decade, the public school system has received a clear mandate to teach STEM: science, technology, engineering, and math. Countless camps were built specifically for students to be introduced to and explore these disciplines. In response, camps sprang up to provide a nationally-renowned field trip opportunity to enrich students’ experience, and to expose them to many new things in a more engaging environment. Unfortunately, the majority of camps are only available for summer months, eliminating children who are forced to choose between work and leisure. During an average year, over a third of a child’s weekly classroom experience is missing the opportunity to use STEM skills in the off-season. The challenge for schools is balancing this “missing” period with creating a curriculum that is appropriate for day care and bedtime scenarios.

The popularity of camps coupled with this missing opportunity was the impetus behind Chad Kaplan, founder of The STEM Camps Company. For 16 years, Kaplan has worked to ensure that the educational gap between K-12 and post-secondary is bridged. Using a combination of options like our online summer camps, he has helped to fill the gap with camps that foster a young student’s passion for STEM by providing stimulating experiences year-round. Kaplan is passionate about helping students develop technology, science, and math skills and at the same time allowing them to make new friends, explore fun and unique activities, and further the discovery in their STEM exploration. So far, his efforts are paying off.

We are, obviously, the only online and local STEM camp company to have certified science, engineering, and technology advisors, as well as an award-winning PTO business coach. We also have over 90,000 alumni that we are able to recruit to do STEM projects of their own. We believe that summer is the perfect time to learn and be creative without making too many commitments. At The STEM Camps Company, we go above and beyond by offering hands-on STEM labs during the summer. We are the only company that is not limiting our STEM spaces to just one classroom. From my own personal experience, I found that the camps were so great that I wanted to keep going. While I was always careful about when I took off from school, during summer, it was much easier to work from home and pursue STEM projects that would engage me on a deeper level.

I am fortunate to have worked with the company and think of The STEM Camps Company as the perfect example of an activity-based workplace. Through the company, I have seen firsthand that kids are able to work with professionals in the field to create industry-leading projects year-round. This experience not only helps them learn about STEM careers, but it also provides an opportunity to be a leader in a supportive environment. I believe that no matter what field a student might seek to go into, having a supportive and supported environment is key to success. Whether they want to help create a cool app or help others study a new language, the summer camps at The STEM Camps Company have something for everyone!

About the Author: Paul Darvasi, a coach, writer, and recent graduate of Quinnipiac University, is the Managing Partner and Founder of Quinnipiac International Marketing Institute (Quinemi). His marketing and branding expertise led him to publish All About Marketing on Publisher Library, a great resource for all communications-focused business owners. He has written or co-written about a wide variety of marketing topics in publications including Entrepreneur, DealBook, PEW Research on Small Business, and The New York Times. To learn more about Paul, visit his website at PaulDarvasi.com.

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