Procrastinating to Get an Educational Impact?

Procrastinating to Get an Educational Impact?

Procrastinating to Get an Educational Impact?

He’s got some observations. We’ve seen evidence that when you let your principal guide your strategies, learning success can actually translate to more teaching. But it’s easy to get into the trap of picking your teacher right from the get-go.

It’s easy to get into the trap of picking your teacher right from the get-go. Yes, everyone should be excellent, but you have to look at the strengths and weaknesses of each and build on them.

“You need to build on the strengths,” he said. “If you recognize that a teacher can teach phonics, that’s not a bad teacher. They should be around for quite a while. If they say they can be great, let them be great.”

You can also identify weaknesses in your teacher. Simply check to see if you have a teacher who doesn’t care about children, who isn’t excited about their work, or who may not have resources for them.

“The common sense thing to do is look at a new teacher’s learning record, and see if they’re a good buy,” Hattie said. “Look for all the signals that the school is not doing the best they can for them. We need to be held accountable for the behaviors and behaviors alone at a school. Teachers make a good choice for school based on what they do for themselves in life and their learning and their comfort level.”

So let that teacher teach with confidence.

We spent some time at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater School in Chicago and one of my first students is now in the National Arts Honor Society. Though he didn’t go to the best college, he is still an honor student. Now a sophomore, he is pursuing two degrees in business.

Hattie added, “It’s very important that you look at who your student is and to not just look at who can’t help you but to look at who is. If you are a very smart student, you should be an excellent teacher, and if you are a good student, you can be an excellent teacher. So ask yourself that. When you look at children and as parents and students, do you care enough about your child to put the other considerations aside?”

Looking back at his own time as a teacher, Hattie said, “I enjoyed it so much because I was right in there working with them. Kids said I cared about them, and some kids said I tried very hard to help them. So I think what you do is really good if you are in the education profession. It really does pay off for a parent. Parents can make a fabulous investment in a child and an outstanding investment in their child’s education.”

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