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New Jersey Teens Set To Tell Their Stories On-line and In Person (New Jersey #Moth9)

New Jersey Teens Set To Tell Their Stories On-line and In Person (New Jersey #Moth9)

New Jersey, NJ – Learn How Teens Can Develop And Share Meaningful Stories With ‘The Moth’ –

On Wednesday, June 28, 2017 at 7:00 PM at Manhattan’s Tribeca Ballroom at Shoreditch Studios: the #moth9 storytelling event for teens! Meet in person or watch us on-line!

Follow along with us live on the Moth website at www.moth.org/teens , or see us in real time on Facebook Live here: www.facebook.com/themothteens ).

About “The Moth”

Attached, all the ways you can see events. **Grab your heart, mind, time, and laughter. Join us as we bring compelling stories to life. Not for the faint of heart, but an event that will leave your audience feeling as though they are home in their own story, with friends and family in a convivial and fun atmosphere.

Turn That Noise Down: See how community can build and grow from everyone!

Hosted by: ~ In the words of Patti Smith, “Patti, see all that is painful and add to it.” ~ Patti Smith, singer-songwriter, activist

#moth9 Teens is all ages, no experience needed. Get up close and personal with someone you think you don’t know, and take the Moth quiz to find out if you are the right storyteller for the moment.

*** Performers can request to host an event too!

Each time you attend Moth events you get to vote with your dollars! Every dollar you spend at our events buys more stories. Whether you’re new to the stories world or a Moth regular, check out how you can volunteer, host, act, donate, or even start a movement and grow this positive thing that really matters to you.

Schools have a big responsibility too, we want to make sure that a free event will have enthusiastic kids, who are passionate about the Moth story telling. We are asking schools to select an issue to tell a story about. (Full disclosure, and no attempt to steal the suspense, we were completely coincidental and not a publicity stunt – we had no idea of the embargo that would be revealed.)** Take a quick survey at www.moth.org/teens and you can help us make a difference and stay passionate about this great thing.

As we leave school events, get more involved by joining us online at www.moth.org or on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Since 1970, “The Moth” has made storytelling part of the cultural fabric. With talented writers, storytellers, entertainers, and artists delivering powerful performances, The Moth encourages the audience to take a risk on their own stories, to become known to the world and to reach out to other people about their interesting lives.

The six-week Moth Teen summer program has created new and celebrated Moth Storytellers, including Leah Hurd, Eliza Root, Kristen Maliszewski, Tom Sellitti, Ira Fleck, Frankie Alciné, Natalie Kaplan, and even the mystery writer Alice Sebold.


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