These ED-Tech Conventions and Seminars Provide Excellent Opportunities for Teachers

These ED-Tech Conventions and Seminars Provide Excellent Opportunities for Teachers

These ED-Tech Conventions and Seminars Provide Excellent Opportunities for Teachers

Instructors and teachers across the globe have discovered the benefits of attending Ed-Tech conferences. Students, parents and educators often find the panels and presentations to be of interest. They learn about new technologies and emerging trends. Perhaps they also get inspired by the best practices others have used.

Unconferences, Meet-ups and Edcamps

During the summer months, teachers can take advantage of Unconferences and Meet-ups to connect with other educators and learn from one another. These events bring together more than a hundred educators. They share insights, workshop videos and speakers to educate the next generation of educators.

Unconferences and Meet-ups are free and open to educators, students and families. During Unconferences, attendees discuss trends and shared best practices, as well as how educators can best address needs of the ever-changing education marketplace. Meet-ups bring educators together for extended discussions that provide insight into the most recent trends and lessons learned.

Edcamps are designed for teachers who seek out opportunity for professional development and networking opportunities. They encourage attendance, and in some cases, there is official recognition, with special recognition for teachers attending a camp who deliver better results to their students than a teacher working as an adjunct professor on campus.


Teachers can also attend conferences in their districts. Their districts are likely to sponsor a conference designed to meet their needs and objectives. This creates an opportunity for teachers to meet face-to-face with colleagues and build relationships.

Devout Elementary and Grace Academy

Recent developments in e-learning and online learning can provide even more educational benefits to teachers who choose to attend an e-learning conference. Yes, teachers can even attend a conference created to help them overcome the challenges of online learning. However, they should remember that if they do attend a conference created to help teachers overcome online learning, it may be beneficial for teachers of all ages and levels.

Devoted Elementary and Grace Academy have been active e-learning partners, and their instructional strategies have produced impressive results. Grace Academy educators pioneered a Common Core Online Classroom program that has brought greater creativity and excellence to their students. Devoted Elementary administrators have embraced e-learning tools by increasing participation in sites and transforming the process through making more resources available on their website.

Devoted Elementary and Grace Academy has been incredibly successful in navigating online learning, and their leadership and enthusiasm can prove to be a lesson in creative possibilities for educators anywhere.

Technology has become an integral part of every school and classroom. The classroom should also include technology, both in and out of the classroom. This past January, Technology Business Strategies LLC, a nonprofit organization, conducted a study to find out what learners in the United States use. The survey found that the leading sources of technology were smart phones, tablets and e-readers, with 64% of respondents stating they regularly utilize them to do schoolwork. Educators are using technology and devices to enhance their content, teaching and learning methods, and to ensure classroom instruction runs smoothly and students are able to be successful.

The factors that lead teachers to continue to build relationships with one another and increasingly utilize technology are becoming more and more commonplace. This means that conferences and educators are becoming more prevalent. The world is changing, and teachers are finding themselves with new avenues to effectively meet the needs of their students. What they discover will be fascinating and they have become its central sources of inspiration and new learning.

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