Female Moms: Supporting Your Daughter’s Success

Female Moms: Supporting Your Daughter’s Success

Female Moms: Supporting Your Daughter’s Success

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Teen girls, consider this for a moment: Engineers are leading the way in computer science education. It’s not everyday that we see women making the front lines of a technical field. However, women have excelled in the minority engineering field for as long as anybody can remember.

There’s a misconception that women are shunning science in favor of advanced degrees in humanities. Science is only half of their studies.

Now, a new study suggests that college professors play a role in helping women in engineering careers. The study, led by Dr. Claudia Bledi and Geoffrey Kuhn, is published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, and it compared women in dual enrollment courses at a Georgia College and State University with women at two partner colleges: one which was almost entirely male, and one which had female professors.

Of course, biology, chemistry, physics, and other fields are just as competitive as other subjects. It’s just that women are taking more traditionally female areas and making a bigger impact.

The scientists found that female mentorship from female faculty significantly enhanced the women’s chances of a successful career in STEM. Women were more likely to be accepted for career in non-engineering majors and had more career confidence. They also earned higher grades and found their majors more interesting.

Dr. Claudia Bledi is the Lead Scientist at MindShift and author of The Secret Lives of Moms.

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