Colleges Now Forced to Face Racial Challenges

Colleges Now Forced to Face Racial Challenges

Colleges Now Forced to Face Racial Challenges

Let’s be honest, we don’t have a lot of time to think or realize how we’re doing with our lives. We often accept our life circumstances and schedules, well as they stand, as is. And that’s really all we can do.

Of course, none of us are totally free from feeling the influence of racism in any aspect of our lives. Even an air-conditioner with a separate color switch somewhere would be considered a reminder. And racism is an inevitable part of most people’s lives, the fact of the matter is that most of us do deal with it on an everyday basis.

So we certainly don’t have an excuse to play the “race card.” And we definitely shouldn’t give it to people when a new situation arises that challenges us to step out of our own lanes. But it’s also not the time to just say: “Sorry, let me see… anyone else?”

However, what does this “race card” have to do with colleges? How are colleges dealing with being forced to face racial challenges in serving future students? In today’s highly socialized and open-ended society, college is in many ways a very positive step.

“Universities can anticipate diversity trends and take steps to modify curricula to properly account for it.” – Massachusetts Association of Schools and Colleges.

One way colleges are dealing with being made to face racial challenges is through their policies and syllabi.

“Diversity is an intrinsic campus-wide undertaking that should include a contented and diverse student body. It is imperative that colleges reflect the academic diversity of the surrounding community, the domestic and global cultures among students and faculty and the socioeconomic conditions that influence these aspects of student and faculty wellbeing. Diversity is not a required feature of a college, but rather, a cultural necessity.” – Massachusetts Association of Schools and Colleges.

“One of the primary initiatives of the Association is to implement programs that address social disparities and to provide training in response to issues that may impact the academic community.” – Massachusetts Association of Schools and Colleges.

But colleges aren’t just taking a step in the right direction with their liberal theories on diversity, according to the MassASSAC. They’re also taking their first, well, initiative toward building a more diverse student body. And now, more than ever, that’s something we all need to focus on.

“Diversity is a quality colleges can create by making the profession a top priority, ensuring the education afforded students meets their unique needs, and recruiting students from all backgrounds.” – Massachusetts Association of Schools and Colleges.

So look on the bright side of this unfortunate and horrible reality: the world can now become a better and more open place.

“Colleges in Massachusetts and throughout the United States are making a compelling case for diversity. It’s an important component of the public good for academic success and employability.” – Massachusetts Association of Schools and Colleges.

In today’s open and socialized society, it’s easier than ever to know others besides ourselves. In many places today, relationships and affiliations are based on different parameters of space, time, place, and different languages. And it’s more important than ever to realize these things with who we are and how we are.

We certainly can’t imagine the world going back to when racism was a reoccurring issue and all hope was lost with that. But instead of giving up and giving in, now is the time to be strong and determined. The better we understand the needs of others and the better our chances are of understanding them, the more compassionate and tolerant we’ll become.

This can only happen if we each adapt to the attitudes and experiences of other people. And that’s why schools are taking such a step forward to make all students more accepted and familiar with our differences. If they can do that, college can never be the enemy of diversity – they can be the best way to make it work.

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