5 High School Games to Get to Learn

5 High School Games to Get to Learn

5 High School Games to Get to Learn

Learning can be all about imagination, especially when a classroom doesn’t have a lot of furnishings in one room. It doesn’t have to be about setting up a makeshift version of something you’re used to – or already own – from one of your own rooms. Learning to play games that help children think critically can be beneficial to any student, even in places where children may have limited access to technology. That is why these games are so great for any class.

Extreme Baseball

When it comes to high school sports, the little guys might not get much chance to participate just because they haven’t been able to afford the equipment. Using an instrument that uses only a phone and a baseball bat can be equally stressful. Even if the participants are experiencing stress, this game might be the perfect addition to help build something positive out of what has become a stress-filled game.

With Extreme Baseball, adults can be competitive with the same rules as kids, just using different materials. Some of the rules might differ, but the goal is to get your opponent a single hit. And, that means building teamwork, creativity, and long-term thinking.

Plaza Madness

Plaza Madness is essentially a professional edition of Connect Four. Unlike the concept itself, the main difference between this game and Connect Four is that one has rules, while the other has nothing. That allows people to be creative when designing their own rules. So, it’s a game that’s made for people who think outside the box, and that’s a great thing to be known for. It lets people think outside the box of conventional thinking and how games are played.

It gives adults the chance to really stretch themselves and go off-piste. It’s also a game that’s playable with something close to toys. And, it’s also used by moms so that their kids can get a good exercise in while they’re at work. What more could a parent ask for?


Matchbook is a reference to games like chess and checkers. It’s just a new kind of game, one that had a two-dimensional board instead of a three-dimensional one. Matchbook is also great for school. It teaches kids that when they are on their own, they can think independently without any advice from anyone else. And, it gives adults an opportunity to think about how they interact with other people. For example, does your behavior give off the impression that you always have to show how smart you are? If you take the time to think about that in a game like Matchbook, you can be a better, smarter version of yourself.

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