MindShift Resourcing Provides Opportunities for Child Skills through Salary Scale and Work Experience

MindShift Resourcing Provides Opportunities for Child Skills through Salary Scale and Work Experience

MindShift Resourcing Provides Opportunities for Child Skills through Salary Scale and Work Experience

DALLAS, Texas, April 24, 2017 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — While many professionals are complaining about the increasing number of kids entering the workforce, MindShift Resourcing is finding employment opportunities for these children of every skill level within local companies. It’s not only financial benefits for these kids, as brain development and professional development are key for having a successful career.

According to childrenofallskills.com, “Having a positive attitude is vital to success in life. Employers value people with positive attitudes and are willing to work with them.” The interview looks for someone who is honest, willing to learn, and has good interpersonal skills. The company provides eight weeks of paid work experience after which these skilled youth can take an aptitude test for graduation.

This year, MindShift has been extremely fortunate to be able to provide jobs to over 350 children who needed job training. The amount of skills they have developed has allowed them to work with various companies throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) metroplex. A huge percentage of these students are military veterans, along with many others who started out in counseling.

Children of all skill levels have worked with companies such as Majestic Athletic, Southwest Airlines, Fred Meyer, Barclay’s Bank, a Reality television show and a court house based security company. They’ve been exposed to a number of different industries and this exposure has been key to their development.

Besides receiving marketable job skills and being able to experience a wide variety of experiences, these students are learning about finances and working with adults. This benefits them in the long run for future careers and working relationships with family and friends.

“It’s been a pleasure to serve the child of all skills community by providing a unique opportunity for these hardworking, talented youth to learn about the business world,” says Kirstin Howard, the Head of Bright Horizons and also a Buffalo House Veteran. “I’m always looking for new ways to give back to the community.”

“Children of all skills are eager to learn and love to work hard. Many parents tell us that their kids bring home more work to them,” says Barry Brueckner, managing partner of MindShift Resourcing and also the former vice president of curriculum at Sunrise Schools. “They love the work ethic of the working world and at the same time, are looking for a great living environment where they can work and live together.

This program has all of the above and all the benefits for the child.”

About MindShift Resourcing:

MindShift Resourcing has been one of the most revolutionary companies in the child employment space since 2012. It focuses on community based affordable solutions for agencies who are in need of diverse and well qualified individuals to fill positions within their community. They connect smaller and larger businesses in the area through one on one initiatives and focus on talent, faith, and family. They believe in providing opportunities to all. To learn more about MindShift Resourcing visit: http://www.mrtensourcing.com/.

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