Make your parenting "goals" part of your self-education

Make your parenting “goals” part of your self-education

Make your parenting

You are most likely, by now, very familiar with my growing up and adult lessons. It’s been a decade since I first began to write a diary in honor of my future self (or kids I didn’t know would grow up), when I was 25. My “notes to myself” have become a staple in my life, and there have been many “notes to readers” over the years. Of the lessons I’ve learned from my writing, though, one in particular still sticks out to me: to find and cultivate the “growth mindset.”

Growing up with such a lack of parental wisdom (it’s not my fault I was in “that” class) I believe it was imperative for me to be proactive and take a full, honest, hard look at my life. And how do I do that? I look for opportunities to speak up, to set my own goals, and, of course, to to go out and hustle.

What do you do? When it comes to “empowering” in business, “developing” skills, or nurturing a growing mentality, what are the rules?

For your own growing-up lessons, start by recognizing that we are called to go after our dreams. Knowing that is crucial. Maybe it’s to be a runner, a writer, or some other type of performer. You see, my teacher and his wife, not too long ago, took his wife to watch a race, and she noticed just how hesitant people were to get in a car and go. I’d bet if you asked most people, they would admit that they’d get impatient if waiting around for something to happen.

So let’s be pro-active and proactive in getting ourselves to those crazy places in life that we can see clearly glimpses of. But let’s not just go for “busyness.” Instead, let’s go for “determination” and “persistence” and looking for those opportunities that might just take us there.

We can no longer wait for opportunities to come to us. Instead, we must use the tools we’ve been given to influence others to work toward our own goals. We must look out for and help our future selves get to those places.

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