MindShift Announces 15th Annual Conference: New Data Scientist Speaker Discovered!

MindShift Announces 15th Annual Conference: New Data Scientist Speaker Discovered!

MindShift Announces 15th Annual Conference: New Data Scientist Speaker Discovered!

MindShift hosted its 15th annual event on January 10, 2017.

On January 10, 2017, MindShift hosted its 15th annual conference in San Francisco. The conference, hosted by MindShift Executive Director Racheal Crews, is focused on the adoption of technology as the starting point for personalized learning for children. The speakers included Sara Lee, Senior Research Director, Learning and Development, Kaiser Permanente; Elissa Horn, Principal, Horn Education Consulting; Rachel Haller, Chief of Education Strategy, Intel; Lilly Sherer, Founder, Tablets to the Classroom; Donna Kern, CEO, U.S. Women in Science & Engineering; and Rob Clark, Chief Learning Officer, Discovery Education.

Jennifer Lai, Founder and Director of Data Science at InsightED, presented a case study on how data scientists have been used to help guide the learning process for children and youth around the world. As part of a re-imaging of the ABCs, InsightED assessed 32 children from 20 countries and collected pictures to help children understand words that may be more difficult to remember.

The data revealed some very interesting trends: children from African nations are more likely to identify “letters” without pictures and less likely to answer any of the questions associated with the numbers.

A free private conference webinar is also available to view for interested learners to see the full report, including the data analysis. The webinar can be accessed here.

How To Navigate the “Wild, Wild West” of Personalized Learning

A lot has changed since MindShift began 15 years ago, said Racheal Crews, who was named Executive Director in 2015. “Education is about to become real. The cloud, social media, technology, and all-around change and innovation we are witnessing in higher education are also affecting kindergarten through 12th grade learning. I want to help parents discover the best practices of the entire experience,” she continued. “It’s important to me that parents feel comfortable at any stage and make informed choices.”

To help parents navigate the wild, wild west of personalized learning, MindShift includes content and guest speakers that will help parents understand the principles and opportunities that technology offers for the learning process. The power of technology, which was the focus of most of the discussions at the conference, is that it can connect individual children to teachers and other members of the community as they continue to learn. Technology connects children to each other, to teachers, and to many resources in a very efficient way, explained a MindShift moderator. “Ultimately, technology gives students the opportunity to make memories and experiences that last a lifetime,” she said.

Conference Event Details

The theme of the conference was “Tomorrow Starts Now.” The conference topics included:

Building a College Prep/School Credibility Game: Getting Students Ready for Bigger, Cheaper, Awesome Life Changes; For Your Success, Stanford Model Apps: Implementing Tech to Make Learning Fun; Installed: The ROI and Cost-Effectiveness of Using Internet Tech; What IT Really Can (and Can’t) Do for You, Learn or Your Family; The Compute Edge of Learning – “Yuggie”;

How to Navigate the “Wild, Wild West” of Personalized Learning

A webinar, followed by a panel of guest speakers, is being offered at 4 p.m. PST on January 25, 2017. Register here. The webinar can be accessed here.

For more information on MindShift, click here.

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