Institute for Strategic Transformation

Institute for Strategic Transformation

Institute for Strategic Transformation


MindShift is a Personalized Learning Services Platform dedicated to providing continuous, collaborative learning management to organizations worldwide. Through the power of technology and innovation, we create learning experiences that engage people and develop critical thinking skills that set our learners apart.


We combine technology with our highly skilled training professionals to customize, scale, personalize and streamline learning. Our Training Services are delivered by a team of skilled trainers, scientists and professors, who understand the need to design and deliver next generation experiences to our customers. For instance, one of our most common services is Desktop Training, where we use digital technologies to allow users to seamlessly migrate to another user experience while they continue learning. A standard desktop training can be customized to specifically meet the needs of a customer based on their purchasing budget, skills requirement and support level. We believe that effective learning and development can only happen in a collaborative and adaptive environment.


The university foundation are the ideal partners to help our clients shift away from traditional learning environments towards the use of personalization, and personalized teaching. Through our support of the university foundation, they are able to work with faculty to create high-quality, personalized courses that impact learners both in the classroom and online. Through our training services and insights into building personal learning and adaptive learning cultures, we help universities, and not-for-profits develop and implement effective strategies to effectively achieve growth.


Learn more about how personalization, pedagogy and service excellence can make learning a reality for your organization.

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