Have You Ever Passed on Staying In School for Just One Year

Have You Ever Passed on Staying In School for Just One Year

Have You Ever Passed on Staying In School for Just One Year

Ready, Set, Go!

Have You Ever Passed on Staying In School for Just One Year

Answering this question has changed school history. Let’s change school history again when we learn that 83 percent of kids age 6 to 12 wanted to skip three grades and only 6 percent wanted to stay until high school. To keep up this positive trend, many of us are now tackling the primary school years by following the example of BUB4GIRL, a kindergarten program that has developed since 1998 for girls.

BUB4GIRL, an acronym for Babysitting, Bath, Gym, and School, is inspired by the idea that a child needs to work out all of her emotional and physical challenges before the other hormones start to hit her brain and body. It’s not all fun. There is homework, music, reading, art, and dance, and BUB4GIRL teaches foundational skills as well as parenting, sports, and science. They just learn faster.

Like many innovative school programs, BUB4GIRL takes time to accomplish. The program doesn’t start until day 1, and when the first session ends, the students are asked to join one of two waiting lists for a second session the following year. This way, the pupils are actively participating and not passive recipients of a lecture.

Nicole Wilson, a 4th grader who attended BUB4GIRL as a child, says, “I had no idea that taking care of myself in the morning could be so fun. I’d always thought it was unfair to leave my kitchen and bathroom at night and my room in the morning when I was sick.”

Are you wondering why “get your real grades” isn’t on your list of acceptable reasons to start early? It’s not working. Teachers know that pupils who skip grades don’t stay in school for very long. The trouble is, they feel like they’re failing.

The other thing is that skipping school can cause a lot of mixed emotions. If you’re one of the parents who cares, that mixed emotion can be extremely irritating to a child. What if the classmate “helps you when you’re bored,” or the teacher talks to you in class even though you feel that you can’t remember what was said the day before? School is an atmosphere that favors young working adults. Changing the atmosphere with skipping school can create a rift.

Many teachers, parents, and the practice of skipping grades is catching on. Even pediatricians get behind this idea.

No Longer A Silent Silent Protest

To prevent skipping grades, some schools are waging a silent silent protest. Several elementary schools have started to segregate the schoolyard so that any who skip can be identified as a troublemaker. Others are putting stickers on dresser drawers telling children to either stay in school or go to sit by the kitchen door if they skip school.

Children who skip school think they’re doing it out of parental love. School teachers are already so darned overworked that school doesn’t matter to them anymore. Children who leave school often are given bad grades by a teacher who cares more about who came to school than what they did. Teachers have done as much work as children or less. Schools and parents have convinced millions of children that school isn’t worth the trouble. The new wave of skipping is hearing this and just being like the kids anyway.

The Public Health Case

There’s a growing consensus that skipping school can damage the cognitive skills of children and poses a public health issue. There’s also a growing agreement that school is more important than ever to students, parents, and society at large. While kindergarten and first grade is traditionally the time for changing school, 4th and 5th grades teach children lessons that transfer easily to 3rd grade, 6th grade, and 7th grade.

4th and 5th grade kids are already the most separated from their peers in history and their brains are more impulsive and likely to get into trouble than before. Some is going to miss school, and some is going to make the same mistake again and again and again. However, if parents don’t start beating the drum now about how important school is, it’s too late to change behavior. Kids start skipping junior high school, high school, and college at an alarming rate. Schools say they can’t prevent this, but teachers say they can’t prevent this either.

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