Globality: A Global Perspective on Social Media

Globality: A Global Perspective on Social Media

Globality: A Global Perspective on Social Media

Jack Bennett – Photo Credit: Jeffersdale Resources

Fast economic times and globalization are encouraging talent discovery in the world today. With global talent having evolved over the past several decades, companies are moving towards a more global mindset. These companies want skilled workers to come from around the world and they are intent on maintaining quality at all stages of development. As the professional world today, there is an abundance of global talent now moving through the offices of the world.

While technology is helping individualization of worldwide talent, more professionals are living in different cultures now as well. When these professionals learn about the same technology, their perceptions often differ. Because, their way of life may actually provide them with an additional dynamic that can further improve the learning curve for incoming talent.

Particularly with the new generation who are avid on mobile phones and communicating via their own devices, these professionals show a preference of initially connecting by posting personal stories via social media sites. Many of these professionals like to post photos of interesting places they have been visiting. Since their own way of life can stimulate other professionals to continue to learn, these professionals aren’t discouraged by the lack of actual encounters because they can fill the gap by putting their personalities out there.

Therefore, the use of personal connections by these professionals has been able to inspire the global talent to try more out-of-the-box techniques of learning. For example, a young professional may be more comfortable learning through virtual classes rather than face-to-face, social skills while living in their own world of residence. Many of these professional are not used to face-to-face experience and they don’t naturally make social connections.

Personal “work” contacts may not be around the globe like their technological connections but it may actually be this lack of tangible contact that provides them with an added platform. Sometimes, experienced professionals will add new social media platforms into their online portfolios so that their projects and industry knowledge can be seen. These “work” social media networks are often well-rated by their user base which makes the use of these new innovative and interesting social connections to stay current as well as promote their work easy to accomplish.

In this way, personal social media contacts can act as an extension of a professional company by giving them a platform to develop global skills. Virtual opportunities create the opportunity for real-life connections and this makes it easy for individuals to expand their skills. Each new connection will hopefully lead to personal social connections. At the end of the day, this kind of connection is one of the most important to make in becoming a globally-focused professional.

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