I May Get It All Wrong!

I May Get It All Wrong!

I May Get It All Wrong!

I may get it all wrong!

By Sleep and Dream Expert

I do have to be careful what I say here because I may get it all wrong. At any rate, let me give a run down of my thoughts.

Imagination is one of the most powerful tools we have to grasp our future. Much like being an athlete, or a runner, your mind produces an act, which brings you something (food, a glass of water, water to drink), even thinking about water! The act creates the sensation of being in water. And as soon as your mind sees that sensation, you are transported to the past. When your mind sees that sensation in the present, you may see a different set of thoughts.

Today, my mind is picking me up into a present life situation, rather than an evening. My brain is imagining me eating my lunch right now with my student-duo. As I look in the kitchen, I can see things like hummus, lettuce and avocado; and they are all in the lunchbox, just waiting for me to break open. This is a fantasy in my head. It’s a kind of dreaming, but my brain is real, and it is using its true power. The emotion I feel by seeing, for example, that salad, is precisely what my brain is doing. It’s thinking about the future and then it is interpreting those thoughts, telling me about the past. It’s a powerful law of physics that you must feed your mind, as this helps your brain create its experience. It’s important to notice that there is a kind of repeating pattern happening in your mind. It’s really pushing you. If your mind is not pushing you forward, then your mind is working against you, which is what we all want. I have my own little study for young people, called MindShift, which is a platform to teach kids how to do this through supervised practice, instead of self-teaching.

Artists, researchers, writers, scientists, parents, teachers, and everyday people use creativity, imagination, and dreaming as part of their tool kit, including gymnasts, musicians, dancers, and writers.

Using your imagination and dreams brings pleasure, joy, positive change in your life. There is that experience of connecting to your past and present (is that a human emotion?). The personal belief system you have for the future becomes a true truth, and good people do it because it is the only way to know it. This is what is so wonderful and important about the difference between dreaming and thinking.

So, when you go to bed, you have a chance to forget about what is going on in your everyday and remember the present. That is a lovely experience, even if you have the next day in mind! Being a professional dreamer can be a source of joy and positivity in your life, and every single one of us can and should do this!

Photos courtesy of Armando Russo, WebMD

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