Five Linguistic Books for English Language Learners

Five Linguistic Books for English Language Learners

Five Linguistic Books for English Language Learners

By MindShift

Linguistic experts from Bilingual-English-Spanish Language Academy were interviewed for their thoughts on five books that have inspired teachers and learners through the years.

The reader can compare these five books to others on MindShift’s list. We’ve also linked to their websites so you can learn more about these books, visit them, and all of our curated books.

Excerpts of the interviews with the teachers are below:

* * *

Oceans of Trouble by Werner Henze

“I loved this book as soon as I read it. You can learn to differentiate between changes, and that means there are important changes in almost any language.”

* * *

Cultures of Change by William F. Buckley

“I particularly like the way it explores what happens to a community when these identities, the dominant culture and the main culture, are slipping out of control.”

* * *

What We Want by Peter Milligan

“In our case, it’s something people could pick up in a one-class, small-group environment or from one family on the street talking about the book. It’s inspiring to hear what people learned.”

* * *

Dead Authors by Anastasia Maller

“One book in particular relates to a team that was struggling with new practices while determining what they were, what was best, and what they wanted to do. The book is extremely helpful.”

* * *

1,000 Questions to Ask about Your Language

by Carol Badillo and Jen O’Hara

“For the conversation to be effective, you’ll need an accessible format (like a Google Doc), clear and engaging questions, and lots of time to answer them. This book gives you lots of great tools that you can use.”

* * *

How English Becomes a Powerful Language in the Last Pages of the World

by David DeCamp

“Filled with expert advice from great minds in the field, DeCamp’s book is about learning English for the biggest possible audience. You’ll likely find an article or blog about this topic in your own university.”

* * *

We Welcome All Languages: Civilizations and Language,

by Sir Miguel Ruiz, Bart Olvey, & Josep Bartles

“There is a very simple story in this book and even more important; it’s about five families of different nations. The story is very instructive, and that’s where the real value comes from. This book was one of my favorites when I read it as a kid, and I guess I am more interested now in learning more from culture and literature. It’s one of those books that you go back to again and again, to see new things and speak with people you meet or hear about their interest.”

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