Book Discusses Positive Childhood Experiences

Book Discusses Positive Childhood Experiences

Book Discusses Positive Childhood Experiences

Educators, parents, politicians, and youth volunteers from across the nation can unite to develop a national curriculum, celebrate the arts, and build better life skills through Lillie Marshall’s new book, “A Long Walk to Water.”

Along with her husband Dr. Arthur Marshall, Lillie Marshall launched the nonprofit Lillie Marshall Foundation, which aims to create a future of sustained respect for all those who share our planet. The Marshall Center for Cancer and Neurodevelopmental Disorders at Denver’s MD Anderson Cancer Center receives the majority of their funds from community fundraising efforts and the sale of her novel.

The Marshall Center is an interdisciplinary center that works to discover solutions to severe neurodevelopmental disorders and is committed to improving the lives of those impacted by the diseases. “A Long Walk to Water” brings to life the power of mothers and their children who are forever changed by their shared journey.

“A Long Walk to Water” provides a refreshing reminder that the most valuable part of life is the constant exchange of love and empathy between people. A book read by people of all ages reminds us of the importance of having an active imagination and bringing diverse people together for meaningful, life-affirming experiences.

“A Long Walk to Water” has made a splash in the nation, and has been talked about, shared, and debated by many educators. We are honored to have teachers share their individual stories to bring this book to life and inspire kids and adults of all ages to learn from the courageous mothers and family members who have come together to take the first steps to healing and to help make society a better place.

There are many educators who have chosen to share their own personal stories as the price of getting the word out about this book. In addition to the five teachers from District 308, the following elementary, middle, and high school teachers and school directors chose to share their personal experiences with this book:

Class: Euless (including Kolanne Brutto and Joseph Corburn):

Jordan Blackburn –Senior at Thomas Jefferson High School

Michele Schipani-Graden –Superintendent of Pflugerville ISD

Laura Whitfield –Mathematics/Calculus Teacher at Dallas Mavericks High School

Nicole Skinner-Posett –Math/Calculus Teacher at Dallas Mavericks High School

Autumn Livingston-High School Math Instructional Coach

Class: Red Oak (including Miles Peterson, Valorie Foster, and Jessica Sutton):

Miles Peterson –Senior at Red Oak High School

Emma Rutter –Junior at Red Oak High School

Alex Scholten –High School Assistant Dean of Students

Haley Sanchez –Senior at Red Oak High School

Kelsey Price –Junior at Red Oak High School

Micaela Spears –Senior at Red Oak High School

Tori Canfield –Athletic Director at Red Oak ISD

Class: Weatherford (including Gene Miller, Denny Hardy, and Karen Whitaker):

Gene Miller –High School Math Department Chair

Denny Hardy –High School Drama Club President

Karen Whitaker –Varsity Soccer Coach

Gene Sweeney –Parent, Teacher, and Teacher Assistance Team Leader

Class: Kindergarten (including Aileen Millman, Sabrina Estrella, and Jennifer Phillips):

Stephanie Grimaldo –Parents, Teacher, and Community Leader

Teacher: Charles Covina –Staff at Hyde Park

Sabrina Estrella –Staff at Hyde Park

Jennifer Phillips –Teacher at Hyde Park

Contact: Brittany Estrella

T: 713-752-7221

E: [email protected]

At the root of the novel are the Marshall story and their inspiring journey to find healing. In “A Long Walk to Water,” the lessons and the lessons children learn from motherhood and the love of family will teach children to love others. As a mother to a daughter and a wife to her loving husband, Lillie shares stories that matter. This book and reading for everyone – those who have children, those who don’t, and everyone who doesn’t know how to read – will touch your soul and make you think deeply about the journey that you have chosen to take and the steps we have taken to help others find healing in our lives.

To learn more about the Lillie Marshall Foundation and the Lillie Marshall Center for Cancer and Neurodevelopmental Disorders, visit

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