How Can Schools Make Their Online Education Mission-Driven?

How Can Schools Make Their Online Education Mission-Driven?

How Can Schools Make Their Online Education Mission-Driven?

[index company=digital-intergrates]Varsity Advantage (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) in partnership with MindShift provides more than 650 schools with tools to help empower their students. We believe there is a need for solutions that can make academics easier and more interesting to do, whether it’s research or writing.

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Scholarship applications and acceptance letters are often strewn across the room by professors as professors cover their bases and ask for research and writing tips that have no reference to anything specific.

In our technical areas, including web development, our classroom computers do not come equipped with immediate access to content and pre-existing resources. If we have an activity we are running in a classroom, there’s a higher chance we will not find an app on the wall that will allow us to create the activity. We have to learn on the fly on how to incorporate search-related content into our lesson plans.

The academic environment is shaped by each university’s mission, philosophy, and operations. Our ability to use tech can make each school more successful in their mission and mission-driven interactions.

Tools for Self-Preparation: Social Media

If your school does not have access to social media, social media is the starting point to social writing. The ability to write well-written articles is a social skill that is demanded by the company of a university and can be learned in the classroom.

A University (university) can offer free online courses with powerful lessons and strategies for using social media in each classroom.

Practical Tools: Backflip For Web Design

Social media sites are on campus and sometimes accessible. Backflip is a simple, free web development tool that allows college students to enter their code from home and build websites quickly and easily.

Guts for Compelling Writing

CYA (Critter Proof Academic Writing) is an open-source tool that gets rid of questionable data and short explanations. Up to 20% of your writing is for concrete, more descriptive information than the likely version of an essay. The more you need to say about a topic, the more you need to prioritize what your readers want to know.

Log Me In: Business Management

Business management (BOM) is a valuable tool to have at the back of a college course. The writing can be relatively quick and concise, and access to information is much better. Since your classroom is not full of light-touch access points, the larger your biz group, the less likely you are to get outside feedback and validation about your work.

Agilition: Student Literature

There are many ways to write research papers. Some are better than others, but they all do not have the same benefits. Agilition gives you more control of the content, working directly with an author to create your own research paper. It is entirely student-based, meaning instructors can select students from a larger pool of students who have completed a course in their academic disciplines.

Agilition allows your classroom to have the power and influence they deserve, while maintaining the student’s right to free expression.

In the business world, many institutions run online MBA programs. The syllabus and initial content is available on the website, and experts on staff can guide you in the course with a video walk-through.

Different Endpoints: Soft Skills

Although you may write academic papers, you have multiple skill sets that enhance your job, such as writing code, technical working, or focusing attention. How do you apply these skills in the classroom? Create opportunities for free participation. Sometimes our technology products are valuable and available for our students, but sometimes we need to find out how to use the resources and resources might not exist.

Plan for Connections: Broadening Audiences

When do you use social media for research? Sometimes the highest quality research is done behind closed doors. Discover innovative ways to increase your audience through event announcements and giveaways, developing strong relationships with guest speakers, sharing information with alumni on social media, and engage with other students, faculty, and the public through popular websites.

Offer Toolkit for Participating in Google Classroom:

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