MindShift Research Award: Celebrating a game-changer and inspiring a generation

MindShift Research Award: Celebrating a game-changer and inspiring a generation

MindShift Research Award: Celebrating a game-changer and inspiring a generation

The MindShift Research Award travels the country to reach out to promising students, helping to create better solutions and opportunities. To learn more about receiving a 2016 MindShift Research Award, visit https://www.mindshift.org/.

For those who’ve never heard of MindShift, here’s a quick introduction: we are a social-impact, brand-new organization committed to designing educational experiences in which millennial and other students can use science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to explore entrepreneurship and careers. The MindShift Research Award travels the country, finding promising students and inspiring them to think about education from a scientific perspective. What better way to fuel the movement than to get under the hood to get hands-on research experience?

We’re not just talking about data analytics – we’re talking about the science of science, engineering and math. We’re building a buzz and a body of knowledge (and data) that fuels action around STEM education and careers. Each year we team up with universities nationwide to identify university students who are truly leader-level thinkers and who show great potential for STEM careers.

It’s never too early to consider a STEM career in today’s job market. And the way millennials have gotten educated has changed, greatly altering their perception of what a career truly is. “Leaders,” they declare, should lead with an understanding of how STEM can impact those all-important job prospects.

The Research Award pairs students with a mentor-scientist to collaborate on a real-world project that enables a student to connect STEM, entrepreneurialism and business. Along the way, the Foundation challenges students to live within their current academic disciplines while tapping into business, entrepreneurialism and impact that STEM can bring to their futures.

The winning students will receive training in their chosen area and support from a committee of current and former United States students, educators and education leaders who champion STEM education and demonstrate the inherent value of it.

MindShift Research Award winners will work for a month with top University faculty and leadership, develop and present research, and earn a continental airfare and hotel while traveling to a different United States university for conference, hands-on experience, and socializing. Along the way, students will apply for entry to the anticipated 2018 MindShift Research Award.

Once students have attended the three-day meeting, they will be awarded scholarships and awards to continue their research into the future. This year’s winner was from the University of Miami and the 2016 winner is from Washington State University. This year’s two semi-finalists were from the University of Miami and the University of Massachusetts-Amherst.

Watch one of last year’s presentations here.

Top performance in school doesn’t guarantee a career in STEM – students should always be thinking about the opportunities STEM has to offer. And that’s what the award does. It provides experiential research projects that prove the value of STEM while offering real-world experiences for the students, at the very start of their education.

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