This Summer You Can Help Kids With Their Reading

This Summer You Can Help Kids With Their Reading

This Summer You Can Help Kids With Their Reading

Reading alone doesn’t make you a reader. On the contrary, it’s often more difficult for some kids who struggle with the written word and don’t read, or don’t read as much as others to pull out a book or pick up a book from a shelf and read it.

But with access to audiobooks, kids who read well — or not so well — can get help from a certified audiobook reader. The resources provide instruction on reading comprehension, turn-taking and more.

“Although some audiobooks are aimed at kids, adult audio books and educational CDs are also available. Folks can choose from a range of genres, from all fiction, all nonfiction, or a combination of genres. They can choose audio books to help with particular skills, like verbal fluency and spelling,” says Mark Daly, speaker and author of “Everybody’s Bad, but This Listener’s the Best! 101 Ways to Be That Amazing Folks who Listen to Audiobooks That Learn.”

It’s no surprise that audiobooks help kids with reading comprehension and bedtime stories. But with an audiobook technology like Audible’s Shari Circuit, students can learn to read by listening. It’s the only interactive educational audiobook model that uses kids and their parents as the content creators. The program is available for kids ages 6-12 in thousands of categories — including science, math, health, math, citizenship, and foreign language.

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