6 tips to teach kids about coding

6 tips to teach kids about coding

6 tips to teach kids about coding

MindShift makes an amazing switch between cartoons and coding.

Coding is an important skill to learn. After all, the 21st century economy isn’t merely automated with machines. Advances in technology are largely powered by the demand for highly skilled individuals to solve the most critical problems.

Teaching your children about coding opens doors of possibility for how they can shape their future. We like to think of coding as a skill, but it’s more than that. It’s an aptitude. It’s a real talent. It’s far more useful than either subject matter or aesthetic considerations could ever be.

Coding is the ideal way to introduce children to knowledge, inspiring curiosity and inspiring imagination. It’s powerful, and it brings with it incredible responsibility, so it’s best practiced.

Keep reading for six tips that will help get your children excited about coding.

1. Activity and Simulation

Of course, it’s possible to teach kids about coding, but it’s easy to feel discouraged if it feels like coding is hard. Help them experience coding in the most practical way possible.

Take advantage of your local community’s offer of volunteer coding opportunities (or nonprofit coding groups). If there’s an arcade machine you can put their name on, go for it.

Otherwise, ask around for the following activities.

2. Read Together

Build your own games. Try a variation on Crash Bandicoot or Star Wars Battlefront. Take turns building “Uplifts” that represent points that can be earned by earning activities (like coding with MindShift).

3. Learn with a Playbook

Share a game with your child as they play around with the programming in MindShift. Share ideas in real time.

4. Create their own games

We all know that games form lifelong habits. Set them loose with MindShift. They’ll discover new interests and learn new skills, all while having fun!

5. Tailor a game

Now is the time to tailor a game into your child’s way of working. For example, if they love Dungeons & Dragons, take a few minutes to design a simple dungeon-crawler.

6. Give them ideas for new games

Try MindShift’s NextCode. It’s the ideal way to get kids excited about code — it’s the ultimate digital game!

And that’s it. The fun begins!

This article was originally published at MindShift. Reprinted with permission from the author.

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