What’s Your Frame? When it Comes to Frames, Think about How Your Ideas Will Change the World.

What’s Your Frame? When it Comes to Frames, Think about How Your Ideas Will Change the World.

What’s Your Frame? When it Comes to Frames, Think about How Your Ideas Will Change the World.

To try to cram all of your learning into just one month seems like a tall order. Finding a productive strategy for success is key, however, and choosing the right frames and reflection time can help you meet that challenge.

When choosing the right frames, think about how your ideas and approaches will help change the world. For example, if you’re interested in business, framing your picture may include a business icon. If you’re looking to succeed in the tech industry, you could hang a picture showing the consumer where your idea can reach.

Most of the time, we all use the same choice of framing – creative black and white or color. Perhaps you’ve heard of the creative use of special paper paper. If you really want to dive into framing, give a old notebook a new lease on life. This is when everything is possible. Explore other options for framing, too.

Find your place for reflection time and make it your own. This may require a trip to an art store, or online. Once you decide what form to use for this time, build in the right time for reflection. Rather than scheduling it for the next morning, select a set of reflective time slots over the next few weeks. Also, consider not hanging your reflection as an individual frame with a wall to yourself. Instead, hang a group of similar frames, representing a particular aspect of your life.

How do you get started? Your point of view will guide you. Start small. Don’t anchor yourself to only one image and frame. Pick a picture from your mind’s eye. Then come back to the photo. You can change a picture frame. You may want to keep one image in mind, but change the frame and framing for a piece you’d like to learn more about. Do this multiple times each week. Be persistent, and while you’re making your choices, figure out the timeline. You’ll gain understanding.

Get inspired by these eye-opening views from our library. You can learn to frame, decide what to frame, and curate your space to reflect and move forward into a new chapter of your life. If you are considering this idea, here are some questions to consider before looking into a session at YourBarn. To find an artist and inquire about an upcoming art class, ask for someone with contact information by clicking on our contact form.

Katrina Schwartz is a Business Specialist at YourBarn. She has always been passionate about learning, and she loves that this opportunity to help a resident in need provides her the unique opportunity to bring unique perspectives to each person she works with.

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