Domestic Violence in the Home - MindShift News

Domestic Violence in the Home – MindShift News

Domestic Violence in the Home - MindShift News

For many of us, our children will someday grow up into adults who will live in a family like our own. This will be difficult for some, but by creating a nurturing environment through education and positive parenting, we can change our children’s lives for the better. It will be difficult to escape if our home environment, however, can become a breeding ground for domestic violence.

It is important to understand that not all domestic violence occurs in homes with young children, however, it is rarely a good idea to have children witness domestic violence firsthand. This may be your first or only home with children, and if it is the former, the landscape is radically different. Almost everything here may already be new, but that does not have to change by having children participate as observers.

Children must be exposed to and understand that domestic violence in any form is completely unacceptable, no matter the stage in their lives. These children will have been exposed to various ideas of family structure since day one, and it is critical that they understand that any form of domestic violence is a bad deal.

When doing so, the child must be free to express his/her thoughts, feelings, and opinions in a way that is healthy and supportive of family and friends.

One of the most important things to understand is that although it is important to show them that family members are making a choice to be involved with violence, children have strong feelings about this.

They will understand that family members are choosing to be violent, and these kids may make very important decisions as to who they can trust in their lives. It would be very detrimental for them to feel rejected or excluded by a family member after experiencing domestic violence in their family home.

A friend who can be trusted by a child while going through this difficult life-altering experience and reaching a decision, is more apt to survive and flourish in adulthood. Children need this opportunity, and adults do not always have the emotional strength to make such a difficult decision, especially when their life is fragile.

It is very important to understand that the child in the same house as domestic violence is likely to experience similar issues in the future if domestic violence does not end. Domestic violence is often confused with harassment, which is not to be confused with domestic violence. If harassment or abuse happens in close proximity to someone in the home, it is more often than not domestic violence. It must end.

Children living with domestic violence must learn that they are worth something. They must understand that they have rights and are worth having a good home, such as those of their friends and peers.

These kids must have the understanding that domestic violence is unacceptable and they must know that their parents, and any other family members involved with this domestic violence can change their personal situation.

Children are strong, beautiful and resilient children that can make it. Having help in this area will help them move forward and heal from the losses suffered from domestic violence.

Those who can show these children that their lives are worth building upon are more likely to have a future filled with love and hope.

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