A new kind of learning: Smart Learning Through Technology Not Part of Classroom

A new kind of learning: Smart Learning Through Technology Not Part of Classroom

A new kind of learning: Smart Learning Through Technology Not Part of Classroom

EVANSVILLE, Ind., Aug. 30, 2016 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Education has always been a mainstay in this and any other frontier of science. But that doesn’t mean that the traditional, time-honored method of teaching at schools – in particular math and science – should be discarded without a trace. In fact, many of today’s technologies are being used to create a smart, engaging and effective pedagogy. We’re talking about projects that foster real learning, whether you’re developing a handheld game-based device or building a cloud-based tool to help design courses for college students.

One of those tools is called Technology Not Part of Classroom, and like so many of the tools in today’s Made for Work programs, it’s a product that you can purchase yourself. TNP’s mission is to help professional learners improve their skills by using a wide range of smart devices to supplement their classroom experiences.

The goal is to offer technical help and guidance in programs that use digital objects at work.

Some of those digital objects include tablet PCs, smartphones, smart watches, calculators, and software that takes advantage of the ubiquity of these objects and their capabilities.

You might already have some of these devices in your own lab. For example, we’ve all heard about the notion of having smart glasses so that we can create 3D designs, such as the kind you see in movies. TNP serves to work directly with companies to implement these kinds of projects.

TNP also helps develop materials that foster cutting-edge digital design projects for schools. This includes such key concepts as in-classroom evaluation and attendance, classroom access, design and code education, problem solving, and robotics.

Some of the projects in TNP’s classroom-based program include this one:

Teacher Design

Using smart tools like 5.x Apps for phones or iPad Pro’s, this teacher can design lesson plans, hands-on projects, and standards based assessments with her students.

Maker Education Solutions

TNP connects schools to an online community to allow for the sharing of technology and ideas.

Consumers and Small Businesses

To provide resources for you, TNP also designs and offers workshops on topics like how to use resources like Google, Amazon, Twitter, and Facebook to market your product.

There’s a lot to be said for being able to interact with real design professionals in your field. Take home product idea books, programs like Modo Labs, or create your own Maker-assisted experience. Here are five ways to empower yourself with the tools that can make your business and personal life better and more efficient.

5 Ways to Ensure Real Learning Happens in Maker-Enhanced Projects

– Creativity: Looking to transform your business? TNP is a resource that can help make that happen.

– Focused Professionals: Creativity isn’t limited to students, employees, or business owners. You can learn how professionals use tools like Tide UX and 5.x Apps at TNP’s Workshop.

– Provide Teachable Momentum: Fixing a leaking door will never be the same as spending time with real professionals like TNP’s partner, Toms Reimagining Schools.

– Helping Teachers Get Their Education Right: Many teachers use TNP’s TIP or Practice-IPS to foster students’ technical skills.

– Collaborate with Schools: It’s possible to build programs that teach students and teachers to be creative, tech-savvy, and innovative and to work together.

– Help You Look Good, Feel Good and Do Good: Computer science and tech marketing are key skill areas, but TNP can also help you build physical assets such as website builders, or even to enhance educational programs that benefit students and teachers alike.

A few things to note about these resources:

– TNP provides both Project Manager and Operator Training.

– Currently, TNP has a partnership with Susan G. Komen that encourages breast cancer education and awareness. That outreach model may be something that you are interested in pursuing.

– TNP can work with any company whose mission aligns with the TNP mission. Their best resources, Technology Not Part of Classroom, TNP Getting Started, and TNP Helping Educators Get the Teacher In Your Life, all work with employers, schools, and individuals who have a goal of training professionals to enhance the skill set of the workforce.

Learn more about TNP in the video at http://www.tpcenterprise.co….

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