The Owl Shop to Release a Series of Podcasts with Teachers

The Owl Shop to Release a Series of Podcasts with Teachers

The Owl Shop to Release a Series of Podcasts with Teachers

A Portland boutique has set out to create a huge series of podcasts with renowned teachers.

You may not know the name Shimos Simon or The Owl Shop, but you will likely have heard their passionate voices through their provocative artwork. They are famous for making the craft of paper art beautiful and soothing to listen to, simply and without commentary. And now, they are having a cause of making a beautiful and poetic podcast with their latest project.

#StoriesTeachersShare is a larger project going on at The Owl Shop that already features 13 content projects including a Learning Sex Teacher group where they interviewed instructors on teaching sex education in science class.

What makes this project unique, though, is that they are releasing a new podcast with their teachers in each show. Their “Stories Teachers Share” podcast series features their experts on storytelling as a main focus, and each episode has seven episodes.

Shimos Simon explained, “By broadcasting to the broader public, it’s creating another platform for the stories people tell. We use teaching as a metaphor for any human activity, so the experience of telling stories is a crucial one.”

Each story in the series features a different instructor and their own take on teaching stories, with the super-sweet theme, “stories I wish I’d told.” You can check out the first episode of #StoriesTeachersShare below:

Shimos Simon explained, “We want the education sector to be known for its excellence, even if we are imperfect. We think by collecting this episodic content, we will be able to inform and engage new learners in schools and how to bring each skill to the forefront of every learning situation. We don’t want to remind people that teachers are human; we want them to see that they are themselves – all of them, making mistakes and triumphs. These stories can help as teachers deal with the ‘darkness’ of being a teacher.”

Shimos Simon also shared that there is a wide variety of topics that teachers want to share in their stories.

He continued, “We want to get teachers to share their awesome stories with us, too, not just those that inspire us and show how super talented they are, but all of their stories and their everyday human experiences.

“Teachers face many big challenges, but if they let us hear them, we can help solve problems – without judgement, without using labels.”

Shimos Simon explains that this project is going to be a long term commitment: “This is just the beginning of a very generous, supportive project.”

To find out more about the series, to see the teachers who have already featured in the podcast and to listen to the first episode, head over to their website. And, for more inspirational stories from teachers, please check out their hashtags! #TeacherCulture and #Widways

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