Salen Tekinbaş' "Fire in the Mirror" is the Newest Book in the Fire-in-the-Mirror Series

Salen Tekinbaş’ “Fire in the Mirror” is the Newest Book in the Fire-in-the-Mirror Series

Salen Tekinbaş'

According to William James, “Fires in the Mirror is not ‘an example of the strange behavior of the senses’ but rather is ‘a demonstration of the relation between imagination and illusion, between the inside and the outside world, between ourselves and other humans.’”

In this short book written by two passionate teachers, she introduces the idea of creating fantasies to inhabit our own imaginations and understand what we are seeing in the mirror of our lives.

The authors don’t argue with the major points of Aristotle’s masterwork De Senectus Chiaroscuro, which we could all use some help understanding. However, the Fire-in-the-Mirror series uses the theory to reach an important message: the only way to learn is through experiencing. Each discussion is presented as part of the alternative literature of the end of the 19th century and will also become available at a later date.

On page 46, for example, Salen Tekinbaş talks about what happened to the child at the center of Fire in the Mirror, no longer developing at an estimated 15.1 years. One thing she discovered while writing her book: until the end of the 19th century, young children had a basic right to birthday presents and the authors compared this right to the Americans’.

Tekinbaş’s book is the companion to her own YouTube series, “The Adventures of the Golden Girl” that has been watched by millions of young people. The stories in Salen Tekinbaş’s book for young adults describe what was actually going on inside a very young child, which I could never really imagine – not until I read about it, that is.

The two passages that are quoted above emphasize why literature for children is vital to understanding not only your own children but more importantly understanding the world they live in.

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