Math Making is Back for Summer!

Math Making is Back for Summer!

Math Making is Back for Summer!

Math to many students comes across as a white-knuckle experience, to the point that most students give up the exercise when it becomes time consuming. can help students not only have more fun with math, but it can also give them more time for something else they enjoy.

Math making is a series of playful games that give you the chance to engage with students in math and enable them to apply what they’ve learned beyond the traditional classroom. In addition to enjoying math-making, you also get to have fun making money, crafting cool objects and activities and making a special connection with your students.

Why Make Math Fun?

Math making is fun because it’s different. It empowers your students to personalize math because they are given a chance to create. Some students enjoy math because it helps them process their thoughts, while other students are passionate about math because they find the courses rewarding and they are motivated to learn the basics to advance their careers.

After you let students know you’re going to be hosting a Mathmaking event, they are excited because the flexibility that they’ll have with the curriculum and the number of hands-on activities makes it fun to finish a project. The children love the fact that no matter how skilled they are, they will still be making mistakes like the rest of us and they are even able to try and overcome these errors.

What Makes Math Making Fun?

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