Learning a Language Without Learning a Second Language? MindShift Can Help You Do That!

Learning a Language Without Learning a Second Language? MindShift Can Help You Do That!

Learning a Language Without Learning a Second Language? MindShift Can Help You Do That!

A Multilingual Program Adds Strength to Individual Student’s Writing

MindShift Communications, (www.MindShiftGlobal.com) a brand new alliance, founded by John Ambrosino, founder of Robert’s Craft Baking, builds language immersion platforms that make learning a second language fun and functional. The same technology has been seen to augment English comprehension and comprehension skills in languages ranging from Swahili to English to French.

Rising above the initial excitement, John first realized that perhaps what was missing was the language element that traditionally drives math, science, and English skill mastery. However, without a language, there could be little to no effective language skills.

“There was no language there, so we offered it to the students and taught them more through the classroom tools. We let the language bubble up naturally while students were learning English and interacting with us in the classroom. One student has maintained a perfect 4.0 GPA since she started the Multilingual program,” stated John.

MindShift’s goal is to help students worldwide achieve mastery of multiple languages as quickly as possible. Right away, groups who begin with a portion of an all-singing, all-dancing, all-reading universal basic content language must accelerate to a certain level of proficiency prior to entering the Multilingual Program. However, with MindShift’s same dialogue enabled language software they allow students to build skill proficiency through each level and each language which allows students a greater range of data to improve proficiency and time-to-excellence.

“Multilingual-versus-native speakers is not an accurate analogy. Rather, that means natives can have a greater variety of subjects to learn because they will have foundational language skills before, during, and after any other language introduces them to the material. This is true for all students, native or non-native, with each language introducing them to the required data for mastery. Our software not only makes for great learning, but improves English and math scores as well as science, social studies, and physics in general. My overall goal with the Multilingual Program is that it is extremely effective and fun for the students,” stated John.

MindShift continues its efforts to continuously improve and foster learning. The Multilingual Group Leaders Discussion Group had a segment on MindShift’s “What’s News?” podcast this past week with principal and co-founder Dr. Ed Davis and his daughter Karyn, who is involved in the Multilingual Group Leaders Group and serves as a Multilingual teacher at Stranahan High School.

With hands-on content and communication methods, the MindShift Multilingual Group Leaders Discussion Group is the third group, supporting our proven universal curriculum by providing a real-world application of our learning model.

If you’re not following MindShift’s top brand, tune in to our podcast and “What’s News?” every week, including national broadcast stations like New York’s WNYW Channel 5 and Canada’s CBC, along with local stations like Cincinnati KETV, Indianapolis WTHR, and Atlanta KFOR.

For more information on MindShift Communications, please visit www.MindShiftGlobal.com. And to speak with a MindShift Global representative contact John Ambrosino at [email protected]

For more information on the Multilingual Group Leaders’ Discussion Group visit http://www.mindshiftmedia.c….

The Multilingual Group Leaders Discussion Group has joined the ranks of renowned conversation series like the National Association of Charter School Teachers, Leadership Coalition on Education, and of course, other groups like the New America Foundation’s Global Education Forum and of course, MindShift Global!

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