This Isn’t What You’re Supposed to Be

This Isn’t What You’re Supposed to Be

This Isn’t What You’re Supposed to Be

By Derek Ferguson

Seemed to me like we were getting into the odd ideological territory lately when educators and business execs are fighting over on whether our schools are broken.

What I find odd is how and why we’re working so hard to build schools into what we believe they’re not. It becomes the victim mindset and seemingly we just don’t want to acknowledge that we’re not supposed to live that way.

Saying “we’re not supposed to live that way” doesn’t change the world. Life is about your choices and choices. Who you choose to be requires you to use your innate diversity of options.

Some people don’t have a choice. A lot of people have no choice. They’re told this at the beginning of their education. They can’t speak in words. They don’t have creative outlets or outside experiences. They don’t have choices.

For us that come from places like mine, where I grew up, a lot of us don’t have the choice to define our lives as we should.

“You’re really not supposed to live like this.”

At some point, we become comfortable not having a choice. That’s one of the things I struggle with about my own life. I’m not meant to be a pastor or a computer geek or a firefighter. I’m really not supposed to be as certain as some of the people I know. I’m meant to find my way and trust that I can just be.

Do you know what didn’t have a choice, whether or not you can understand it? The names of your parents. No one ever chooses to be their mother and father.

We’re taught since childhood that those parents are supposed to care about us. Our parents are supposed to be the people in charge of our lives and should love us. Unfortunately, in my family, I’m just as likely to be in handcuffs or at the service of a police officer than to be with my parents.

“We’re not supposed to live like this.”

Why did that happen? Why are we doing so many things so we don’t need to rely on our own natural, God-given abilities to be successful?

Again, the devil wants us to own all the blame for what happens to us. That’s a battle that I’m not ready to do. As humans, we’re God’s most amazing creation. Our building blocks are inside of us. And then it’s up to us to unlock them.

“They say you can’t live forever. That God is the great creator of life. God wants us to live forever because He’s a real smart guy.”

We’re building our lives around other people. I was admonished a lot when I was younger to “watch what I say,” to “control what I say and when I say it,” that I was playing to people. I say that a lot today.

When we’re so focused on trying to please others that we don’t trust our own instincts, trusting the instincts of our God, we’re even more isolated than we already are. And that separation comes at the expense of our happiness.

“That’s what we’re building here. If that’s what we’re supposed to be, we need to change.”

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