These 15 Internet-Friendly Tools are the Coolest at the 2016 International Society for Technology in Education Conference!

These 15 Internet-Friendly Tools are the Coolest at the 2016 International Society for Technology in Education Conference!

These 15 Internet-Friendly Tools are the Coolest at the 2016 International Society for Technology in Education Conference!

Headed to the 2016 International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Conference this week? Hoping to find the best and brightest in the world of education technology? You’re in luck! We turned to SBNation to check out their top 15 tools that are indispensable to anybody attending ISTE, as well as schools looking to improve their social media presence.

1. Yammer

Powering the education experience at school, colleges, and even elementary schools, this enterprise networking and collaboration platform enables sharing and sharing quickly within districts, classrooms, or across departments.

2. Slack

This communications platform provides an easy way to contact anyone in your department in real time. If you’re an instructor, you can create a designated room for everyone in your staff to use to discuss classroom assignments, courses, and more.

3. Pixlr

Give your students a visual boost by adding a personal touch to your work with Pixlr. Its advanced visualization tools allow you to transform anything into an art project.

4. TeacherTXT

Teachers get a voice through TeacherTXT’s text-to-speech feature. It’s easy to find the lesson the teacher wants you to learn based on text you’ve already read, then use the app to find any audio recordings in your library and connect to them in no time.

5. Daytona

Learning from educators, not the textbook? Because of the Apollo program, US classrooms have access to free textbooks, based on a collaborative design process that aims to get students involved in the learning process. This app is similar to Classroom App, but enhanced with the teacher’s take on the textbook.

6. Donuts (Android / iOS)

We all know there’s a need for personalization in K-12 education. Donuts is a comprehensive online marketplace that empowers teachers to learn how to best access and present their materials. It’s free to use and allows you to select the skills you want to teach, by leading choices based on a school-based curriculum approach.

7. AlgebraMe

Learn Algebra with your friends. AlgebraMe will get you onto a pathway to a 4-year degree in math, while facilitating communication within the community. Because the AlgebraMe app is updated constantly, it’s an ideal way to create groups with friends.

8. Canvas for Education

Keep your students on the same page with its easy integration and threaded conversations. AlgebraMe also allows you to incorporate body language, animations, and animated pictures into your lessons to ensure teachers are confident in their content.

9. WhatsApp

Whether you’re at work or at school, this app is the new social media sharing. Providing a safe environment for groups of students, teachers, and administrators, it connects you to teachers, alumni, or partners and allows you to quickly chat about topics of concern.

10. Peach

Created to provide more accessibility and personalization, this platform brings together teachers, administrators, and educators who help each other create, manage, and distribute content. Teacher Chat is a series of live meetings organized by grade level and subject area. Administrators can also access Active Practice Groups to get a 360 view of student progress.

11. provides information on accommodations in every country and is a great starting point for anyone planning to visit or visit a location that has nothing in the traditional hotel search to offer.

12. Ballmer Center

These resources from the Microsoft Research and Center for Education Acceleration provide an exciting environment for educators who are interested in making the classroom more engaging and interesting.

13. Oreo The Cube

This app makes learning about math and computer science more enjoyable by creating a paper-based game that does all the work for you. You’ll see exercises on real-life objects in your classroom using interactive patterns and color, as well as a variety of different characters.

14. Circular Cubby

Want to bring in the outside world into your classroom? Circular Cubby is a learning tool for STEM educators that delivers interactive lessons to children of all ages. This virtual tool is made for hands-on learning and lets the classroom include everything students need to learn.

15. FUBU

Celebrate your successes! Rebrand, embrace, and learn what things you want to improve, and leverage FUBU’s powerful hashtag to get it done!

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