Teachers Often Mistaken for Clerks

Teachers Often Mistaken for Clerks

Teachers Often Mistaken for Clerks

“I am a product of teachers,” notes the 1995 film and cultural phenomenon Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. The talented pair were inspired by a teacher who taught Ted’s algebra class in a way that was brilliant and creative. This fictional reference is one of many that fascinates educators and that is especially true of teachers.

“So often, teachers are given the role of keeper of the purse strings, and people walk away from what you teach from a function of that view,” states Allison Slater; a Toronto-based, National Board Certified, Special Education teacher and fellow at Open Source Cultural Exchange. What many parents and students fail to realize is that “the words” they want to speak, “the benefits of what they teach… don’t come out of text books and mathematics, they come out of the teachers themselves.”

At SLCE, a nonprofit and grant making organization supporting teachers worldwide, a special effort is devoted to celebrating the art of teaching.

SLCE suggests that a teacher, or teachers, to view teaching as an art. The goal of this fascinating and engaging exhibit, sponsored by the School, Learning Through Art (STAR), is to really show that teachers can do things differently, and that’s what makes an education really amazing. The exhibit is “exploring” what happens when people understand why there’s a value, in addition to the why, to a “Hollywood experience” like Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

“When people who don’t spend their lives in the classroom get the opportunity to witness the wow of what happens in the classroom, they realize that there are wonderful things about what teachers do.”



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