Teachers in Need: Your Control Over the Internet

Teachers in Need: Your Control Over the Internet

Teachers in Need: Your Control Over the Internet

MindShift is a learning marketplace that helps teachers bring their ideas to life.

The Internet has created a wealth of options for teachers, increasing access to resources that provide new ways to teach students.

“There’s so much on the Internet these days that you can access from home,” said Rob Tacha, author of “What to Read When Your Teacher’s Talking.” “You can go to Amazon or Google and look at the materials you need.”

But Tacha also cautioned that teachers should be vigilant about what they are relying on for supplemental learning materials.

How to establish your authority

“When you can’t use the materials you can’t effectively teach,” he said.

In addition to highlighting the benefits of professional development, Tacha also emphasized the importance of imposing your authority when sharing content online.

“Let it be clear what authority you have and maintain your authority,” he said. “You don’t want to be seen as a lazy teacher who’s playing it safe.”

And he doesn’t mean just on the Internet: Similar to how authors can write novels solely for their own enjoyment, the same principle applies in the classroom.

“If you have a really good idea that you can present in a way that no one else can, make sure you’re sharing that,” Tacha said. “[You want to] take your imagination and your imagination and your creativity and encourage other people to develop their imaginations and creativity in that very same way.”

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